Hasbro is well aware of our love affair with cantina aliens. It is never a surprise when, each year, we manage to score a couple more ugly little friends for our dioramas. This particular pack gives us two of them.

The main figure is Trinto Duaba. He’s the veiny-faced cantina patron with little cybernetic implants on the sides of his head. He’s not a particularly remarkable figure and I think they managed to get the colouring of his skin wrong. He’s all sorts of brown, rust and tan with a few paint highlights. The packaging shows his face to have a greener tint to it. I don’t know if that was the artist interpretation of it due to lighting in the cantina or if that’s the way it’s supposed to be. If so, the factory got it wrong. His face has some nicely painted details that make up for the bulk of the boring that is this particular figures colour palette. He’s got ball-jointed head, shoulders, knees and ankles and features the standard hip, wrist and waist swivel joints.

The big minus on this figure is the diagonal-cut elbow joints. If you are going to go to that much trouble with the rest of the joints, you should’ve just finished it up with all ball-joints on the limbs. That’s just my opinion.

There doesn’t appear to be any paint on the head-wrap, so there’s more “boring” for you. He does come with a silver blaster and a holster. Still, he’s diorama fodder and that’s about it.

Packed in with “Mister Beige”, is MORE beige. I don’t think we ever got a full-report on ol’ Dice Ibegon in the same manner we never got a full official report on the Dia Noga. The figure is pretty much a worm with six swivel-jointed legs. The paint app on this is a bit more remarkable than its counterpart. There is some charcoal grey and red as well as a nice paint wash that makes it appear leathery and nicely textured. It comes shipped in two halves, so you need to assemble it. This is good as this gives it one additional point of articulation. In all honesty, this is less of a figure than the WED Treadwell that is packed in with the Jawa of this wave.

While not completely horrible (what alien ever is?), it's not a very inspiring set of figures. It's good that we finally have them. There's no reason to ask for them again.

Includes body for Astromech droid. This edition was for R2-L3.

I'd rate this a 6 out of 10.