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    Originally posted by Caesar
    Indeed, Qui-Gon is the only person we know of for certain who believes this. Sure, Obi-Wan acknowledges their existence, but they could be nothing more than neutral scientific data. Maybe Yoda's concentration is tied to his species, and not to Force ability.
    My theory is that midi-chlorians do not create the Force nor a way to communicate with the Force, but instead are the RESULT of Force-ability within a user. They don't do ANYTHING like what Qui-Gon was talking about, instead they're just an indicator of something else: the more that show up in your bloodstream, the more you're touched by the Force. This way, Qui-Gon was kinda like one of those folks from the middle ages who thought that bleedings could heal mental illnesses. Kind of like how a bloodtest can indicate whether you're ill or not based on your white bloodcell count; but if someone has a special condition like some sort of midi-chlorian inhibitor or simply less midi-chlorians in general, they would not show up in their bloodstream but they could still have a strong connection to the Force.

    Oh, if only Lucas would do this, I would be able to swallow Ep 1 slightly better... slightly. Come to think of it, this could explain away how Dark Jedi and Sith don't get found at a very young age by the Jedi order, though I'm not saying every Force user without a high midi-chlorian count MUST be evil, just that it's not likely they'd be trained in the light side.

    GNT, it's a different interface tool on R2, according to the official Star Wars website.
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    Originally posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    According to Mr. Sansweet, Han Solo will not be in E2. Notice I said "Episode II," not, ahem, the other name.
    I agree it would be REALLY lame to show Han Solo in Attack of the Clones. Attack of the Clones should be a much better film without the inclusion of this character.

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    I think that Ep I could have done without the whole midi-chlorians thing along with"there was no father".
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    Maybe we should have called Anakin's Mom...

    "Shmoeba"- Amoebas don't need sex to reproduce... maybe that's why there was no father...
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    Lando Calrissian, already the little ladies man, set up a lemonade stand laced with Colt .45 when he about 8 or 9 years HE was around during the prequels!!
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    GNT, it's a different interface tool on R2, according to the official Star Wars website.
    They said it was the same tool just that they updated it so it would plug into the ship

    "Shmoeba"- Amoebas don't need sex to reproduce... maybe that's why there was no father...
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    Ok lets see:

    General Dodonna
    Crix Madine
    General Riekaan
    Admiral Motti

    any more...???
    As always...........L

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    We havent mentioned Owen and Beru Lars.


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