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    Unhappy oh well. . .

    . . . we'll arrange sumthin else then in the meantime i've consulted w/b'jr re available mm figures, & he gave me nearly All of his (hundreds) to go thru. some i have little knowledge of so you'll have to check em out in person, but in the meantime to save time when we do get together, you can help me winnow down the pool of possibilities by confirming you won't need any of the ones i Can identify (approx. numbers of each follow):
    from ep1 mm pax 1-4:
    nass (~50)
    mauve-robed neimodian (~50)
    sidious (~16)
    that pointy-head jedi (~16)
    jarjar (~16)
    fambaa (~16)
    anakin (~11)
    bibble (~11)
    gasgano (~10)

    from sote mm pax:
    7 vaders
    7 emps
    7 asps
    7 xizors
    7 guris
    3 dashes
    3 leebos
    3 lukes
    of course if you do need any of those just say so

    jg: b'jr happens to have an xtra af cloud car pilot he's happy to trade you (keeping money outta the exchange'll be cheaper for both of you) i haven't checked my $2 loose figure source for porkins yet but in case they don't have, maybe you can strike a deal w/bc3 for the porkins he's getting from gsj- that is, if af figures don't matter so much to bc3 if so, i'll send cc pilot to bc3 & he can enclose to you along w/porkins. just an idea

    ar2 & jg: at your convenience lmk what mm ship(s) you might be able to offer b'jr in trade
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    eh up

    It's not a Porkins figure - it's the AF Prokins X Wing and I keep my AF's unopened/boxed I'm afraid.



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    Well, I'm not really interested in any of that, well maybe a couple ASPs, but I don't see any battledroids listed. No biggy. I will trade the XII for the XI figs, and I'll list my "unwanted ships" here later (I have to dig 'em out). If he/you want 'em, cool.

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    Talking Cloud Car Pilot!

    Hi vt,
    I am very glad b'jr found an extra Cloud Car Pilot!
    (By the way, I saw the pictures of b'jr's collection on r2d2 site, the ones were you and him are actually "swimming" in a MM sea! Impressive, I must say. ).

    Well that is one of the last item I am looking for, as I was able to find the KB exclusive 2-pack and the alpha Snowspeeder and (if I will be lucky enough to win the auction) also the A-wing and Imperial Shuttle internal hinge variations (after this I will be just looking for MTT an AAT MM variations, Epic Collections 4-6, and Build Your Own Podracer Pack 2 , that is I will be just looking for impossible to find items! ).

    So I would be really happy to get this Cloud Car Pilot, but I am afraid not to be able to offer any MM to b'jr because I do not have currently any duplicate to use as exchange fodder, however I would me more than happy to send b'jr, or you, "vile" money (I know this is a fault in the MicroMachines community etiquette, but what can I do?).

    Hoping not to be too a bother, please let me know . Ciao,
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    Thumbs up Oooh Pwetty!

    A bit OT but this seems like as good a place to post this as any;

    I've just ordered this from a guy on the RPF

    pic 1

    pic 2

    VT: I'd like to say R2 but I just know I'm more of a threepio.

    JT: What was the catalyst for SS's post about respecting others rights? Was it the Darth Dubious attack on Jar Jar Binks posted on the General forum. I haven’t laughed so much ever on this board but I thought he was posting tongue in cheek (hence my “more, more!” post thereafter). Was he really serious then? I note the thread has gone..... I suppose when someone unprovoked calls someone else a "venomous little wasp" it's not meant to be nice but I had a reet larf

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    Very COOOOL Jeddah

    If I were you though, I would keep it for display purposes only and wouldn't be tempted to play with it too much - apparently it can give you pins and needles.



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    Cool yutahey!

    Originally posted by vulcantouch
    you'd indiangive for me? seein as how i'm part apache, i'm touched i'll wait to hear, no pressure on ya
    bugs are back in my possession!

    britcit just e-mailed me to let me know that he is sending you and moi a surprise , as i don't know if he wants you to know what it is before you gets it, i'll remain mum fer the time being

    he's sending it on to me, so's when i gets it, i'll then put forth a package containing the surprise, along with these yucky bugs!

    i may have some more st dupes that i'll throw in to boot, not sure though, gotsta check masons stash.
    0 /// /// F=MA~~~~~~~~~~~~
    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    Question can a priest be a cenobite?

    which reminds me 2 axe, where does your aVaTar come from bc3? btw, it's the af porkins fig that comes w/porkins af xwing that jg seeks
    i idiotically forgot to mention that bc3 Also got me sith inf mm paint VarianT and isn't Anyone gonna take credit for scorin xtra #12 ep1mmpak??

    jg: "I do not have currently any duplicate to use as exchange fodder"
    -really? None? oh well, how bout this: we'll just send figure(s) to you (email me your mailin address), & in the future you can send us any xtra mm ships if you come across any cheap, esp. from ep1 mm pax 7-16, st pax 10-16, sst, aliens, men in black etc etc i'll let you know when i've checked w/$2 af figure source for the porkins.

    "'vile' money (I know this is a fault in the MicroMachines community etiquette"
    -i've got nuthin aginst equal monetary reimbursement; it's just that it'd be less hassle, more efficient, more fun & cheaper to trade than to convert lire or euros to $$ (speakin of euros, check out the latest hump )

    ar2: ok, i'll extract those commons from the pool, i figured you wouldn't need any of those since they're easy to come by but just wanted to make sure. i'm sure we'll have enough sufficiently intriguing rarities that you'll be compelled to trade us your every last unwanted ship would you happen to have retained the packaging cradles from ep1 mm pax 7 or 9? i wouldn't mind being able to display my mars guo pod or sebulbapod thusly meanwhile, plz make sure to not scuff your queenship's fragile silver finish

    gsj: rockin news on them bugs, hope other guy didn't cry too much bc3 surprise is one of his customs, right?

    jdah: that reminds me, i hope to find a cheap Rubik's Revenge (dodecahedron) so which one of you & bc3's obrien and which one's bashir?
    btw i meant ep1 pak 8 not 9, and now i like the mm sithbike cuz i was able to tear off dopey-lookin maul fig that was attached to it

    jdah, jt: have i been missin some fun scraps?? where where??
    np; Swimming With Sharks soundtrack
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    eh up VT

    My avatar is father Jack from the UK comedy series Father Ted.

    It is about 3 priests "marooned" on a remote Irish Island.

    It really was a bizarre, surreal, hilarious show - my fave sitcom ever (look on the net if you're interested - there is quire a few fan sites).

    Father Jack (the avatar) is an old alcohilic who just sits in his chair - his entire repertoire of words is "DRINK! GIRLS! A**E!".

    Jek Porkins - sorry VT - want the figure in his little box, I'm afraid.

    I think that I'll go for O'Brien - my accent is far from the Queens English and it's fair to say that my waistline is more like the Irishmans that Bashir's!!

    GSJ's suprise - you already know - I emailed you last week.

    It's the custom Harrier Class I mentioned - I made 3 extra, so I have sent them to the 3 forummers that I know collect ST - thats you, GSG & Jeddah.

    Cheers & ta-ra


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    Oh, I'm just so thrilled....... be the girlyboy of DS9. I'm more Garak than Girlyboy and I'm just wonderful with fabrics

    Father Jack also shouts "Feck!" (which altho' sounds rude, is not comparable to the one you may be thinking of). I'm sure they'll export Father Ted to the US ; Hell, if they can send them that sh**e, Red Dwarf, then they can appreciate the true comedy of Father Ted.

    (*aside, under breath to BC3* You know how these cuhwazee Americans all think they're Oirish )



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