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    Red face too bad, cuz I get to be garak!

    . . .cuz not only am i plain, simple, cultured, mysterious, reptillian & lethal, i also get to snog gul dukat's yummy daughter tora ziyal (actress melanie smith please, not the previous 2 gals to play her)
    so jdah'd rather be miles-o-melon obrien? ("here's to Cloive, the foinest bloke eveh t'pitch his koite into the channol" -obrien to bashir, toasting their ww2-ace holosuite pal, ds9's "homefront" )
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    No, you assume that I want to be either? If I had a choice, it would, of course, be Weyoun, failing that, the Intendant



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    Jeddah, cool prop replica! While I'm not a true Hellraiser fanatic (try saying "silly cenobite" 3 times fast ), the Lament Configuration is one of the coolest props in cinema.

    As for why I wrote that announcement, Dubious' post was a small PART of it, but there are many other factors that have just become too much. I would definitely not say Dubious' post is the main reason though.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Smile Thank you VT!

    Hi vt,
    that would be great, if you can send me the AF figure(s) I am looking for I will remember you and b'jr. Even if I do not have any MM vehicle available for you now I am pretty sure to be able to find something for you in the future.

    I will email my mailing address to you.

    Thank you!

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    Thumbs up email rec'vd, jg :)

    btw, if you have an xtra gian speeder mm (it came in both mm pak 10 And naboo temple ruins playset), b'jr's still lookin for one (i know i know, you already sed you Don't have xtras, but can't blame a guy for tryin )
    i drilled a stand-hole in my id4 attacker mm, and tried the boilin-water immersion trick on my warped repcruiser to straighten it out. it did- for about 2 days. undaunted, next time i'll try immersing it longer (watch this space for tears over a melted repcr ).

    ar2: a few more mm figures i've been able to identify- plz indicate if any might be of interest:
    ~a dozen misc. from epic collections 1-6, incl. 3 emps
    ~a dozen misc. people from men in black mm sets 3 & 4 (btw, did you ever get mib sets 1 &/or 2? i wouldn't mind seeing what those ships look like in person)
    ~20 starship trooper personnel
    -a coupla titan ae characters
    hope you saw mssg for you in post 18 above meanwhile, in goin thru b'jr's figures i came across a boussh that's a lil scuffed, but it's so cool i'm gonna keep it for myself (which makes it the 1st & only mm figure i've deigned to admit into my collection) :happy: she looks cool standin next to mm ships she could conceivably fit in, such as landspeeder, sithbike, escape pod, kaz raider & muthaship, alpha x, alpha ss, alpha cc, alpha y, voy shuttle & slave 1 (the last 3 are kinda iffy, it'd be a tight squeeze).

    oh yeah jdah? tora ziyal is tora ziYUM- am i right people?? hey, at least garak & bashir had great conversations like you & me done had once upon a buzzboard; by contrast, parallel-garak & intendant were always at each other's throats. although, he "was able to Please her now and then" (p-g to p-worf, "shattered mirror" )
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    Awaiting Confirmation britcit3's Avatar
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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Hey VT

    I've got a spare Gian Speeder - will include it in my next trans-Atlantic to either you or GSJ.


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    You nostaligic old fecker

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    Smile Gian Speeder!

    Hi vt,
    I have one Episode I collection X and one Naboo Temple Ruins playset, so actually I have two Gian Speeders (even if they are not really dupes because they come from two different sources).

    As I have the deepest respect for b'jr "gigantic" collection I will be more than pleased to contribute with a MM vehicle he is missing!

    Rest assured when I receive your envelope I will return it to you with the Gian Speedern inside!

    All of a sudden b'jr will be the proud owner of 2 Gian Speeders (mine and bc3's), I hope he will be as happy as I am happy with my Cloud Car Pilot! :happy:

    Gian Piero

    P.S. Once again MM forumers are the best!

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    All I really want are more battledroids, but I would take a couple ASPs from the first post. In fact, I will trade the figs in XI for the ships in XII and I will just give you the ships, there are quite a few, but not THAT many, and you guys can fight over them from there. I promise I'll make time tonight to list what they are. There isn't that much to write home about, but there is at least one droid fighter and at least 2 naboo fighters, plus a couple sith bikes (or whatever they're called, and various other misc. things like gian speeders and pod racers, and I think there are several original ships. I'm keeping my X-wings and Ties for space battles. I have tried to keep everything in scale, which means I had to get original Kenner diecast X-wings and Ties for my mm Imperial dudes. If I ever finally get the time to actually play with this stuff, I am going to have some honkin' big battles. And we'll see if the Rebels actually can beat the Empire again ;-)

    Frankly, I don't have enough diecast ships, and it would be unwieldy, to fight space battles, so I am keeping the mm ships for that. Then all the land battles will be with the figs. I need to watch EP2 to see how to tie the EP1 stuff with the trilogy stuff. If Hasblow doesn't make EP2 battledroids, clonetroopers, jedis, super droids, etc., I may be able to convert some stormtrooper into clonetroopers (which means I'll have to get more STs). But I don't know how the story goes so I'll have to wait. Funny, I might not even watch the movies if it weren't for the micros. Truly, I didn't go to EP1 until a few weeks after it started because I had to see what these little mm figures were supposed to be doing in the context of the SW story. Otherwise, my passion lies in the HO scale figures that represent real history (lest we forget, Star Wars is a movie, not a documentary ). But I admit, after Galoob (R.I.P.) came out with their Star Wars micros in '93, I kind of got caught up in the whole Star Wars thing and now I want to fight battles with these little dudes. I have a fine Imperial Army. Enough Stormtroopers (my best legions) to occupy Tattoine, Bespin, Hoth, a Death Star and any other planet that doesn't stay in line. Of course I don't don't know yet if I'll have to fight the Trade Federation yet. Have to wait til EP3, of course indications are that is technically what **SPOILER**SPOILER**SPOILER** (darn censors!). And I don't know if Endor is going to be another "Custer's Last Stand" (or "Isandhlwana" for the brits here), cuz I do have enough Ewoks for it, or just another slaughter of indigenous species. I still haven't been quite convinced that a bunch of Teddy Bears can defeat the Emporer's "best Legions". We shall see.

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    Question MM and AF figures

    Hi ARTOO,
    I am trying to create a comprehensive list of the MM and AF vehicles, including all the variations that can be found.

    Unfortunately I do not have the possibility to write a similar list for MM and AF figures (from Classic Trilogy and E1 collections, Battle Packs, playsets, etc, etc), but I see your interest is mainly in these figures, so I would like to ask you if you have such a list, or if you know where a list of all MM and AF figures can be found.

    In case, please let me know.


    P.S. By the way if you are interested in my MM and AF vehicles list, please let me know and I will email it to you.


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