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    Thumbs up 3-way deal

    Hi vt,
    the Giant Speeder from Naboo Temple Ruins will be sent to you and b'jr, no problem , but looking carefully, and using as a reference gsj's pictures, I noticed my Gian Speeder from Naboo Temple is the same as the collection X version! Maybe this is because my playset is an international version (the one with 4 translations) which I bought from an English seller.

    Anyway I will send you the Gian Speeder together with a Jabba Sail Barge from R2-D2/Jabba's Palace Transforming Action Set (I know Jabba Sail Barge is not one of the best MM vehicles ever, but maybe it can become part of b'jr's amazing floor pattern.

    As far as ar2 is concerned he told he is interested in Battle Droids and I have a couple of Action Fleet Battle Droids (red) I could send him, but I do not know if he wants just MM figures or AF figures can be accepted as well, let me know. I am also wondering if ar2 may have an extra "sitting" Han Solo from C-3PO/Cantina Transforming Action Set (I have just Greedo and he looks silly speaking alone and being shot by an ectoplasm ).

    In summary, if vt can send me "cc pilot, firin mtt and a turreted att" I will be more than happy. I hope you can forward ar2 the 2 Battle Droids I will send together with Gian Speeder and Jabba's Sail Barge.


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    A favour, please.

    ...If anyone does not want their Droid harnesses that came with R2-B1 (yeah, right, I kow, but you gots ta try), I'm after as many as can get my silly little hands on.



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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Sorry Jeddah

    Had a harness, but chopped it up to make nacelles for a Trek custom.

    Are you going to Memorabilia in Brum over the weekend ? - me and Britcit Junior are going tomorrow.

    VT - have you bagged Preview R3-T7 yet - bagged mine today in a shop in Liverpool - once you take the crappy boomer/sparky type thing off, it's a great Astrodroid.



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    Looks like "no" bad funds timing and going to France for my birthday so....

    I'll mail you if things change


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    Smile ok jg, we'll take yer jabbarge ;)

    btw i just checked on $1.50 porkins af figure source, and no luck however, i did sight a $10 porkins xwing. (also a $10 gold leader xwing in case anyone interested.) also, i think b'jr has that hantina mm figure you seek, i'll enclose

    funny you should ask, bc3: why, just yesterday. . . but i haven't yet decided to open it, trade it or give it to b'jr, cuz you know me & my Vanatical Tightwad standards: i wanna wait & see if i can score myself one for Less than srp. if so, i'll keep That one. but if r3t7 turns out to be htf, i'll eventually relent and settle on this srp one
    also yesterday, your harrier custom arrived i'm tryinto figure out what you made it from, i don't recognize any of the pieces
    btw, yesterday i found you a loose alpha xwing- i'll enclose

    shucks jdah, if i was france-bound that wouldn't be no occasion for a frowny (btw i found an xtra copy of mclarens' Paris double cd for $2.50 in case interested ). i'll keep astroharness in mind, but i only have one & may keep it-
    np: mclaren, "walkin w/satie"
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    Just a heads-up but the preview figures are rumored (I think only rumored, dunno if it's been confirmed) to ship only until April 23rd when the official E2 toys come out.
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    Most UK comic/sci-fi stores have them on the shelves NOW! - seen 'em.


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    if jeddah ain't interested in malcoms double cd "paris"

    i certainly would!!!!:happy:

    $2.50 is a great bag!

    i'm figurin' jeddahs chunnelin' 'bout now, so we'll have to await return from the continent before knowin' who gets it.

    or am i speakin waaaaaaay outta turn, in that you ain't offerin' this to the masses?

    if so, i humbly defer, and shut my yap accordingly
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    Thumbs up circle gets the square & goodshot gets the disc ;D

    1st come 1st served, i always say besides, i'd prev. offered jdah a $6 one i'd sighted, & that offer was declined, so
    it's used, & got a coupla cosmetic scratches but nuthin that should affect play, judgin from my xtensive used-cd experience (i'll playtest if you wish). anyhoo my treat, consider it payback for the buckyroj ship you forfeited to me

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    Didn't click the Paris offer was for me, thought it was a reference to my impending o'er-The-Sleeve -jaunt.

    Sure, GSJ must have it, he wants it and I am not really after it specifically sur ce moment. Many thanks for the offer.

    BTW. I'm not going until Thursday. I'll take my camera and upload anything of interest.

    a beintôt, mes copains



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