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    Thumbs up jdah & bc3 aka obrien & bashir: whatta team, Whatta Team! Gooood Sheauuuw!

    (since this was a team effort, i guess you two'll just have to Share this Vanity Thred )
    as mentioned in fashthred, pkgs from jdah (including bc3-bagged rarities) have arrived report on contents, along w/my comments and, in red, transcripts from notes enclosed by jdah.
    first the stuff bc3 got for me & forwarded to jdah:
    ! betty "mm" (now b'jr has one, he loves it )
    ! id4 alien attacker "mm"; mine! mine! all mine ok ok, i'll let b'jr have the f16 it comes with
    ! turning-turret aat mm and bullet-firing mtt from naboo battle playset aat turret is separate from body but a small slot/groove mechanism prevents it from actually "turning" so i'll have to modify. at any rate this thing's a fascinating, supercool sculpt VarianT, more refined & detailed than the standard aat mm, damn glad to have it
    b'jr thinks the firing mtt is pretty cool (it's about dc-sized), but is willing to part with it if our italipal jg wants it. however, if jg also wants a turn-turret aat he may be better off pursuing an entire naboo battle playset so he can get both; lmk
    ! slightly-worn o-o-p queenship mm (bc3 had previously remarked "i'll send it if it can be used on your end, but i have to warn you its silver finish is a bit worn". not as worn as Mine, as it turns out )
    ! mip stmm pak 14: of note is the kaz raider, whose paintjob happens to be missing the gray detailing on its spine & stern; much like the incompletely-painted voy mm jt sent a few months back, an interesting variation
    ! mip ep1 mm sets 11 & 12 bc3 found me A YEAR AGO :happy: a bittersweet occasion, as they're the last swmms i might ever add to my collection. i'm only interested in the ships (and b'jr has expressed willingness to part with the figures in a trade, in case anyone's interested; maybe that Artoo guy who contacted you, bc3? what's his email? ) so i'll restrict my comments to them:
    republic cruiser mm: when i axed him to describe this, bc3 once commented "it's much like galoob's dc version". havin since seen the dc version in person, i must agree, incl. the translation of the commtower details and orange-red engine exhaust color. but it seems more to-the-point to critique it by contrasting it w/the mm-sized snapfast model:
    compared w/said model- and w/many galoob sfmms for that matter, this thing feels like a second-generation, half-assed "hecho en mehico" knockoff. the casting's a bit warped, and the snapfast has much finer detail & precise painting overall. the snapfast also has dark gray details which the mm's paintjob lacks (even though they're shown on the cardback pics). i'd be pretty disappointed if i was one of them collectors who pay $60 to get this one. but as it is, i'm Damn Glad to get it via bc3, cuz its proportions are slightly different from the snapfast (engine section's larger & wider) and the paintjob's significantly different (while it lacks aforementioned dark-gray details, it sports a lot more cream-white piping; also, while snapfast's base color is almost a rose red, this one's brick red, almost salmony. so while snapfast will occasionally work in summer, mm will only really work around xmas time, so i once again curse jdah for missin that important date ).
    ratts tyrell pod mm: just in time for spring i was always mostly satisfied w/the mm of this i'd made from the wheeled 2-pak racer- so much so that i'll probably keep that. but it's great to now also have the legit, better-proportioned mm :happy: and unlike the racer, the eight trail-fins on each engine have VenTs on their backsides! however, the former's cockpit has superior detail and a more varied paintjob, so: i'll probably CUT OFF THE RACER'S COCKPIT AND THE MM'S COCKPIT, THEN SWAP-GLUE THEM, which i'm sure might shock a few out there, that i'd possibly consider radical surgery on such a rare toy, much as i blanched when b'jr decided he didn't like narn dreadnaught mm's orange-camo paintjob & held it over an open flame to scorch it black

    next, something i can't recall Who found for me, jdah or bc3:
    ! o-o-p ep1 mm set 12

    now, stuff jdah's 100% responsible for gettin:
    ! mystery present from egypt: a pencil sharpener in the shape of akhnaten's head (at least, that's what i Think it's supposed to be used for, judging from the conical hole in its back ). actually a plaster paperweight or wall hanging, in honor of my "heretical" galoobb pot-stirrin :happy: when b'jr saw this, he begged me to let him borrow it for his egyptian trinket collection (which is currently intermixed w/his mm collections). i told him, Only If Jdah Sez It's OK
    ! cool-lookin john barry Themeology cd booklet & liner (didn't need cd cuz i already have contents on various lps )
    ! loose mms: atat, 2 atsts, 2 tiebombers, along w/a buncha mm stands (but hey, where's all them flight stix you sed you was gonna send? j/k, don't worry, i already got about a dozen flightstix; but maybe if/when you send VTape ) you said you could use a few of these stands for the new stmms bc3 recently gave you? no problem, b'jr sez he can spare a few, so just lmk how many & i'll enclose
    ! ep1 mm pak 9 jt, contrary to your belief that singlepack mm ships are of higher quality than 3-pack ships, the naboo fighter mm enclosed herein is as good as or better than most of the 30-odd nf singlepax i've had occasion to open & examine. additional detail r2 et al may find of interest: set9-enclosed sithbike mm has "©99LFL" stamp on its side, while sithbike mm enclosed w/tat desert playset does not.
    ! o-o-p predator mm set 3, the ship from which conveniently replaces the one b'jr traded to gsj (i notice gsj still hasn't admitted that it's a crappy journey-album-cover-scarab design like i warned him it was )
    ! o-o-p sst mm sets 1-3 while b'jr will retain the ships, there's a local guy who's building an sst mm diorama and always seeks more bugs, esp. warriors. i told him i was expecting some from you, so we're gonna get back to him & see what mm ships he'll trade us for these. (last time he gave us ~8 or 9 st & sst mm ships for 2 or 3 bugs )
    ! o-o-p t2 mm sets 1 & 2, and aliens mms: set1 x2, set2 x1 and set3 x3; b'jr was especially happy about the aliens numbers you were able to find, as set 3 has the apc which fits inside the af dropship, of which he has 15 (but so far only has 7 mm apcs; he's been wanting one apc for each dropship, & now he needs 3 less )
    This is the first time i'd ever handled non-SW mms, and they seem to be a bit more substantial than our classic line. if worthy note are the drop ship with deployed missile-wings, the tank with swivelling turret, but best of all the ground hunter-killer which is just too cool & articulated!
    -spoken like a true af fan; you just Luv it when mms have movin parts
    what i may've never mentioned is that, while i do own an aerial hk mm, i've never owned a ground hk mm, as i'd never considered its design sufficiently otherworldly for my taste. however, now that i've got one i can look over at my leisure before turning it over to b'jr, i'm wondering if i'll reconsider (& keep this one for myself instead of giving it to b'jr). i'm still not crazy about it, but rather than excluding it entirely i might separate its torso from its tread carriage and use the former in some custom mm, much as i plan to do combining parts of the narn transport i like with parts of the gv transgalactic defender i like (i don't like either one of these enough to keep them as complete mms in themselves )

    My spatial awareness is not so good so it's taken me a while to get these to fit. I found it difficult opening the mms and tried to do it to as few as possible, but as you can see, only Voyager (st 14) made it
    -well you also kept the ep1 9, 11 & 12 paks intact, as per my wishes and i'd say spatial awareness got the job done a-ok; a dense, efficient box

    It's a shame because the sst packs are really nice, very sturdy and polished
    -don't worry, b'jr & i have both seen mip sst mms

    I rarely put pen to paper, favouring ink from a printer, but didn't want to send this on without words
    -your instinct for classy touches is Seauuu jeddah

    (You can see why i rarely write, my handwriting being so scrappy). . . BTW, doesn't Jeddah have **** handwriting?
    -ain't it just like a jdah to worry about such things? i can read it fine, that's all that matters

    No doubt you'll chastise me for sending them separately "par avion"
    -nah, i got done chastisin you for that Months ago

    The box came from planet action figure, florida, now it's winging its way back, to Denver
    -i love boxes with mileage, don't you? that's one reason i usually re-use em. of course what really matters is what's inside

    P.S. Happy New Year!
    -little Late, isn't it?
    an impressive haul mateys, aarrrr so who's gettin what? i'm keepin a ratts pod, repcruiser, id4 ship and turn-turret aat mms and the ep1 9, 11 & 12 packaging, and unless i'm forgetting a claim anyone else here had to anything else, b'jr's gettin the rest
    and remember bc3, in my pkg to you will be applause cloud city, potf 4lom, alpha snowsp, tyderium & atat (among other things), so don't go gettin those on your own for $$$$
    np: drunken bashir & drunken o'brien, "jerusalem"
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