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    Zombie strippers

    So months ago after watching 30 days of night, i was watching the previews on the DVD and they advertised 'Zombie strippers.' Great name, but i promptly forgot all about the movie. Until browsing through Hollywood Video the other nite.

    Much like snakes on a plane, the title tells you everything you need to know about the film. It's a horror-comedy, that tries to incorporate political satire, philosophical undertones and 'B' movie greatness... but ultimately comes up a little short - cuz it tries just a little too hard. Not the best movie i've seen recently, but not a total waste of 2 hours.

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    So were there Zombie's that strip then?
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    I'm desperately trying to come up with a joke pertaining to zombie's, strippers, and getting some brain but I just can't seem to do it.
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    Isn't this the flick with Jenna Jamison? I had it on queue from Netflix, but cancelled it.
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    It also had Robert Englund...somehow...I assume he was either incredibly desperate for a paycheck, or he offered to do it in return for mass amounts of snu snu.

    I watched the trailer of it oh so long ago, and I found it incredibly funny that they use a cheapo $30 airsoft shotgun as one of the gun props, and didn't even modify it to make it appear different. It even still has the little tiny BB-magazine that could not actually ever fit a real shotgun round in it. I suppose it was resourceful, though, since they simply used sound effects to make it sound real.
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    freddy and the porn star and a bunch of other nobody's are in it.

    and yes frett, the stippers become zombies and (which doesn't interfere with their ability to strip) - just say no to the lap dance afterwards

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    Zombie Strippers, so good I bought it on blu-ray!
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    I've got this one on my hard drive but haven't watched it yet... I hear it is terrible.
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    it's terrible, yes. but not unwatchable terrible.

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    It is the greatest Zombie Stripper movie ever..EVER.
    May the force be with you.


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