Firefighter Battle Droid


3. Do you have any plans to release the Firefighter Battle Droid from the Destroy Malevolence episode of Clone Wars in the Clone Wars 3D line?

Hasbro: Yes indeed he will be coming, but likely not before the end of this year.

Super Battle Droid w/ Cannon Arm


Q2: Due to their prominence in the series, can we expect to receive a Clone Wars Super Battle Droid version that incorporates the large cannon-like arm in 2009?

Hasbro: A2: Yes, yes indeed.

New General Grievous


Q1: The recent "Lair of Grievous" Clone Wars episode seemed to beg this question – Are there any plans for a Battle Damaged General Grievous in the Clone Wars Line complete with removable legs and battle damaged face plate?

Hasbro: A1: We will be updating our Grievous sculpt for 2009 with some cool new touches….you just may like what you see. Stay tuned!