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    Rode my bike to Planet Fitness, worked out, then rode to the library, returned a few things, got a few things. Then went across the street to the farmers market (picked up a few things), took a somewhat longer then needed to go route home. Made a kick ash breakfast, napped, showered, ate, worked, slept.

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    Mrs. TI7 and I spent Saturday in the car traveling about 500 miles from Cali to Winslow, AZ with the fun of a downpour going through Flagstaff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    Mrs. TI7 and I spent Saturday in the car traveling about 500 miles from Cali to Winslow, AZ with the fun of a downpour going through Flagstaff.
    My longest road trip day this summer was Rapid City to Salt Lake City; over 700 miles, but thankfully, no weather issues. Longest ever in one day? Texarkana, AR to El Paso, TX: about 900 miles.
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    Up early (meaning alarm was set for 6am; awake at 4 ) to head out to Hallmark's summer ornament premiere (mainly to get the Limited Edition SW one; success! ). Got gas, read some, watched far too much TV (sucked into the Pawn Stars marathon). Treated to brought-home In-N-Out, which may've led to the nap I took. Was going to go out for $1 Handel's ice cream in the evening, but laziness and lethargy won out.
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    Early day was spent prepping for packing and termite tenting, then a lovely swim.

    Later part of the day was spent at Norm's Restaurant in Beverly Hills with Bikerscout and Maradona, the intention was strategizing for SDCC, although of the 5 hours we spent nursing our cheap meals, we barely got any actual strategy done. Then Maradona and I were both independently headed down to La Cienega TRU so we ended up hanging out for another hour there.
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    Went for a run that went bad, I was hoping to do 14 but it ended up not even being 7. Ate, worked out (that went better), ate some more. Went to my niece's birthday/grad party, ate and rocked it bocce ball style with (one of) my nephew(s).

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    I came down with a cold on Saturday night, so I didn't run at all this weekend. I did get a short walk in before I realized I was sick, and walked a bit on Sunday as well. Feeling better tonight, and hope to feel good enough to go for a run tomorrow night.

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    Walked to friends' new house for their first-ever yard sale (1.5 miles from home; 24 minutes to get there; not too shabby), helped with some set-up, sales, and conversations with their younglings. Interesting that it took 25 min to return; almost all flat or downhill, too. Got some stuff from the library, read at the library (turned in what may be the last book review for the summer program). Was shocked that it actually rained in Southern CA. Didn't watch as much TV (not much on). Got Chinese take-out, and watched Rango.
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    Went for nearly an hour walk with my girlfriend in the morning, and then watched a couple co-workers finish a half-marathon. Stopped by McDonald's for breakfast, but it forgot that it was too late for that, so just made it lunch instead. Went shopping a bit later. Listened to music and ate dinner. Watched classic Doctor Who, and then Wall•E. Now it is about time to get some sleep.

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    Drove down to Milwaukee for a 5k that takes place in/around Miller Park that features the racing sausages. After that I bought some new running kicks, then hung out with a buddy of mine and his oldest son. I tagged along as they did some running around and then we hit up Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. After they went home I did some more running around in Mke then drove home, showered, ate and then worked about 5 hours.


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