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    Out to a school fund raiser car wash (gotta get there early, while the kids still have energy and the rags aren't dirty), then to recycling (where some weird dude cut the line, but no one was going to fight him over about $2 in items). Home to grade and watch various sporting events (OSU/UW, Pirates/Reds, Pitt/UVA). Out to the stores for a book, to not find a library book, to not sign up for a comic book pull-list, to return some grading to school. Tried to continue grading; no luck. Read briefly. Zonked.
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    All that just-gotta-get-it-done stuff:
    o sprinklers run
    o removed a large and very unhappy (unhoppy?) grasshopper from the yard
    o recycling dropped off (over $65 on the school year), plus some graded work back to my classroom (quite windy up there, too)
    o gassed up and paid for yearly Costco membership
    o graded, graded, graded
    o watched various sports-themed television broadcasts, in between...
    o more grading, grading, grading
    o out to dinner
    o read briefly, until...
    o even more grading, grading, grading (it's the quarter, so I have to have it all done and recorded by tomorrow
    o likely dreamt of red pen ink and more grading, grading, grading...
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    I've been on call this week so, it was the usual stick around the bat phone at home and do the ordinary domestic things. Went to bed but was awakened to work yet another homicide in north county. Unbelievable! Got home at 10:30 this morning after being call out at midnight. The city even had two homicides today. My guess for all of this would be because of the economy and AB109.
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    Ran in the Brewers Mini Marathon (half), saw Metallica: Through The Never at the Imax theater in Milwaukee.

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    When I first read your post, JJB, I thought you saw Metallica at the marathon! \m/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    When I first read your post, JJB, I thought you saw Metallica at the marathon! \m/
    Nope, . But I have had marathon Metallica listening sessions if tat counts for anything.

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    A friend of mine ran in a Disneyland 1/2 marathon this year, and Sean Astin was there. Isn't he totally full of metal cred?
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    Did a 5K race this morning (my Garmin watch said only 2.89, though) and finished 3rd in 18:12. Faster than last year on the same course, but the finished in the same position.

    Last week, watched 3 episodes of Firefly in the morning with my girlfriend. In the evening, I went with her to church to help serve communion. Only the 3rd time I have ever been to a church service. On the way home, stopped by my mom's place and visited with her and my oldest brother who was also there. Didn't get home until after midnight.

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    ... turning in my first $10+ recycling haul (up to $75 now, IIRC) of the school year
    ... running (driving?) errands around town (book shopping, book not-finding, items dropping-off, potting soil getting)
    ... finishing grading and lesson planning
    ... football watching
    ... reading for fun
    ... going to sleep as the next-door neighbors' birthday party music of Pantera was playing (you talkin' to me?)
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    Some friends and I went to the Highland Games at the Ventura Seaside Park, sampled Scottish and other British food including what I'm told is an uninspiring haggis (I was surely expecting more drama one way or the other from the notorious sheep's organs sausage), a grilled banger and onions (excellent), fresh scone with strawberries and cream (unbelievably good, better than strawberry shortcake), shared a sausage roll (it's a long way to the shop), a bite of a Welsh cake, had a Harp lager (ugh), joined a clan in Clan Inebriated and enjoyed a little too much of the Cap'n Arrgyl which was surprisingly smooth and easy despite being made from 5 different kinds of rum, watched sheaf tossing and hammer throwing and stone putting and caber tossing, observed various kinds of dogs doing sheep herding, bought a cheap dirk and a lemon curd and a bottle of HP Sauce, met a pair of kyloes (apparently it's a Highland cow, though you'd not know it to look at them, they'd look more at home on Tatooine), had a cold Irn-Bru which was really good actually, shared a Violet Crumble, mocked the local news girl for wearing totally inappropriate boots and having a ton of trouble with the children's caber toss event but she was good-natured about how silly she was, and stopped at Red Robin on the way home.

    Unfortunately, saw 3 different big traffic incidents (the 3rd and final was because the driver had a whole tire tread in their lane and instead of just going around it into the shoulder they came to a dead stop, I narrowly avoided the first salvo of trouble but saw the resulting violence in my rear-view), and someone sideswiped my car while I was parked in a space on a corner waiting for my group to come out - the sound was VERY shocking and I was lucky this new car has hinged mirrors because my last one didn't and would have for sure broken off - the driver tore out of there when they saw me get out to inspect.
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