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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Slanted Powers View Post
    You got esploded?
    Yes I did....D200 style!

    Duck and cover!!!
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    It rained from morning well into the night. It was cool, overcast and dark most of the day. I pretty much stayed inside the entire day and continued to scan comic book covers in my collection. Though it was still raining, I could hear some loud booms and explosions after it got dark so there were a few die-hards who got their rock[et]s off on the appointed day. All the public fireworks shows were postponed or cancelled.
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    Got DirecTV installed (but have to wait another 2 weeks for the DSL internet to get put in ), but while vacuuming the floor, the outlet where the TV goes blew a fuse. Nice. But all the new stations are cool, and just one remote is helpful, as well. Read a couple books, watched the singing, speeches, and fireworks on A Capitol Fourth on PBS. Went to bed with fireworks going off in the background (get your minds outta the gutter, people! ).
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    I took 5 friends along with me to see the San Diego Padres beat the World-Series-Bound Los Angeles Dodgers 7-4. When I download my camera later, I'll probably put pics up in the Post-A-Picture-of-Yourself-Thread. Then we met up with 5 more friends and watched at least 7-8 fireworks shows simultaneously on Mission Bay (San Diego's recreational waterfront) with the lights from the explosions reflecting off the calm water and really lighting up the whole bay.

    It was a great 4th of July! (Last year I spent mine in the hospital!)

    Today I'm going to visit a kidney disease patient there and hopefully bring some cheer to him and remind him that things can get a whole lot better. For me that was thanks to BobaFrett and all the support I got from this website right here. Thank you!

    I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!

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    I worked about 9 1/2 hours, when I got out of work, it was raining. I thought the fireworks might be cancelled. Then a friend called, and we went to a fireworks that I had never been to before, usually we go to the "taste of Lombard", but this year we went to Bensenville. Elmhurst quit having fireworks years ago, during the last one they had, the wind was so strong, it blew the fireworks down near some car dealerships, and new cars were damaged.
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    well, saturday started as midnight passed, we were out in the middle of nowhere on a farm sitting by a fire drinking beer as good Canucks do on weekends. Sometime after 1 am I got up to tend the fire and managed to trip on something that was invisible to me due to the configuration of my glasses, the colour of the obstacle and the fire being a bit "dazzling" on my stupid glasses. I just kinda tripped and rolled to the ground, and in the process something got my kneww but good.... I knew I was messed up and asked a buddy to look at my knee before I got back up- the first person to look started freaking out and looking like they were going to puke (always a bad sign)

    The more qualified (and calmer) buddy looked and said "you're going to the hospital, no options- I can see white"

    So I got an ambulance to the hospital, with Elf, and was joined maybe an hour later by our other buddies. I waited in an empty emergency room til 7 am with my buddy Johnny V before I got fixed up, the gash in my knee required a few layers of several stitches apiece. I am currently healing up fairly good, it hurts like stink and I can't bend my leg for a while but I am expecting a full recovery... and strangely enough I had more fun over the whole weekend than I've had in a long time- I have a piece of hilarious video to put up shortly which will show the extent of the proper fun (no "adult" content promise)

    Oyes it was fun, yet painful
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    I'm glad you're healing up, Mabs. That sounds like a scary story!

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    Haha thanks Josh- not scary at all tho, it was hilarious overall in fact, and the cut in my knee was cauterized almost instantly it seemed- I didn't even bleed til I got to the hospital even somehows despite having my blood thinned out a good deal...

    It really didn't hurt too much til all the bruises started setting in at around the 2 hour mark after the initial impact, and now that I have the compression thingy off it is hurting a lot less (plus we have ASA here which was not available out in yon country)


    Gotta post that vid, shaky or not it's awesome
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Sorry to hear about your fall Mabs. Did you ever find what tripped you?
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