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    Woke up around 10.
    Loafed around til 11:30.
    Pick up brother at Mom's house.
    Work 2:30-nowish.
    *yawn 11:36.
    Talk to the lady for a bit.
    Watch some G.I. Joe cartoons.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    • 8:30PM (of Fri)-5:30AM - Worked on Star Wars entries (Episode I Bonus Battle Droids) on CollectionStation.
    • 5:30AM-5:45AM - Getting ready to watch/tape two Power Rangers episodes at 6AM and 6:30AM.
    • 5:45AM-8:20AM - Power goes out. I spend the time cussing/screaming to the heavens in utter rage.
    • 8:20AM-11:30AM - Power comes back on. At this point it is too late to tape/watch Power Rangers. So I spend this time laying in the fetal position crying.
    • 11:30AM-1:30PM - Shovel sidewalk and driveway because of the snow. Decide to do it without gloves or coat. Also wore my most tattered/worn shoes (practically should be considered sandals at this point). Figured I didn't have much else to lose at this point anyway. I had already missed Power Rangers.
    • 1:30PM-3:30PM - Resumed crying over missing Power Rangers till I fell asleep.
    • 3:30PM-6:30PM - Slept sitting up "Indian style" in my "bed" (the chair in the living room).
    • 6:30PM-5:40AM (of Sun) - Worked on Star Wars entries (Episode I Bonus Battle Droids & Bonus Pit Droids) on CollectionStation. Then typed this list of what I did on Saturday.

    I think that about covers it.
    Rogue Squadron-19 Golds, Battle For Naboo-18 Platinums, Rogue Leader-15 Golds/15 Aces, Rebel Strike-19 Single Golds/19 Single Aces
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    While a winter storm raged Friday I started reorganizing my LEGO collection, transferring all my zip-lock bagged sets from seven, remarkably heavy 50-gallon tubs to twenty smaller and more light-weight 65-quart totes. I completed that process Friday evening during the worst of the storm.

    Saturday I woke up and shoveled the walk then moved some things around in the garage to make room for the new LEGO totes, which I'm going to stack along a wall some time today. I decided not to venture out Saturday though my road had been plowed.

    After a supper of boneless skinless chicken breast, salad, and rice, I went back out to the garage and put labels in all the LEGO totes so I know what's inside each. Then I bundled up and took a 1 mile walk and then came back and watched a movie (The Uninvited, 1944) in the evening. After that I shaved and showered, then lazed on the couch watching cartoons until I couldn't keep my eyes open. I woke up on the couch around 1:30 am and dragged myself to bed.

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    -Slept in since I stayed up late(10ish)
    -Called work for my "on call", wasnt needed
    -Got dressed and went to work to get my schedule
    -Drove up to Atlanta and got the final parts for my car
    -Went to Garden Ridge for the 1st time on the way back just to check it out
    -Went to WM and dealt with idiots for a few items
    -Came home, played KOTOR II
    -Lazed about/used the internet/ finally went to bed
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds View Post
    I woke up 'early' (for a non working Saturday) and did a local 15k race. With the windchill it was about 4. I ran the first mile much faster then I planned and since I felt good I kept the pedal down and kept hammering. I didn't stick around to see how I did so I'm waiting to check out the online results. I'm guessing around 20th overall and top 5 in my age group.
    I gotta do something I don't normally do brag a bit here. While I was off in my overall placement (I was 31st) I did however take 3rd in my age group. Now I just wish I would have stuck around for my award!

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    I was Mr. Mom on Saturday. Mrs. TI7 has been sick for about a week and a half now, so I've been holding down the fort and doing all things domestic for the health and welfare of my clan.

    Can't wait to get back to work on Monday so I can rest!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Watched snow drift 5-6 ft. high..watched Underworld(oh, Kate) on HDNet; caught up on some comics.
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    It was a day of recycling. My wife's school has a recycling center as a community project/service (and gets a portion of the monetary proceeds), so I took a whole bunch of stuff over (my car looked like something out of Sanford and Son). I still have a bunch of old magazines and newspapers to take over today as well.

    Also spent quite a while trimming my North American pitcher plants and transplanting some new Venus flytraps to replace some that decided to give up the ghost. (Things look a lot better now, mabs!).

    Finally, spent time being introduced to my sister-in-laws new dog, a whippet named Bigelow. He's about a year and a half old; all puppy and high energy. He's a lot of fun! My sister-in-law had another whippet, Devo, who just passed away a few weeks ago. He was 18 years old!

    (BTW: Mrs. TI7 is doing a lot better, thank you very much!)
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Continued cleaning and organizing my parent's garage most of the day Saturday. I started Friday and "finished" today. It's still not to my liking, but it does look a little better. I had eight 50-gallon tubs sitting empty after I moved my LEGO collection to smaller totes so I decided to give them to my mom.

    I played around a lot on the internet in the afternoon. I got DSL (finally!) Wednesday so I've been surfing constantly, doing things I could never do with dial-up. I kinda felt like Quagmire after he discovered internet porn and emerged days later asking what day it was. It's amazing just being able to view pictures from toy fair in just a few seconds rather than squinting at thumbnails and carefully picking what photos to open cause it would take several minutes for one to load with my old dial-up. Just trying to do some online shopping was a pain in the rear before, and watching a YouTube vid was out of the question.

    Then I went and got a pizza, and watched last week's episode of Clone Wars for the first time (the one with the spider droids on the ship). I still need to watch last Friday's ep. Later watched an old war movie, The Sea Wolves (1980), finishing it late that night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ji'dai View Post
    Later watched an old war movie, The Sea Wolves (1980), finishing it late that night.
    Anything from 1980 is not an "old war movie". The Bridge on the River Kwai is bordering on old and it's from 1957. All Quiet on the Western Front, Dawn Patrol, now those are old war movies.


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