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    Did my taxes. Despite adding a new little one, we went from getting $2500 back to owing $2400 this year.

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    Pretty much watched cement dry. They poured the concrete for the extended driveway... on a day with forecasts of scattered rain (there was a little at times) but worse, a kids' party next door. Even with the yellow "caution/cuidado" tape, trashcans, sawhorses, and other material to blow the access, people (even adults?!? ) still tried to get through. No names, hand- footprints, sketches seen before it dried.

    Graded, watched crud on the boob toob, worked on the cover of the literary journal I put together for my department, tried to read a little.
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    Trimmed the grass under the fence. Put Moss Out on the lawn. Other than that, I didn't leave the house except to get the mail. Inside, I shredded some paper and sorted through my bills. Watched some old Doctor Who on TV, as I do every Saturday.

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    Celebrated our anniversary with Mrs. TI7!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    Celebrated our anniversary with Mrs. TI7!

    I've been working on a short documentary video about my university's medical school for a few months, and yesterday involved capturing and transcribing the footage I shot Friday, which I should be editing instead of being on here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    Celebrated our anniversary with Mrs. TI7!
    Congratulations sir!

    So far, I had a company by the name "Permaseal" come out and install a pump with battery back up so in the event that power goes out I won't have to worry about my pump not working and having a flood in the basement. took a nap, got woken by a friend of mine whom had a girl that he knew and wanted to ask out years ago, well this woman was shot to death in a parking lot after she got out of a meeting. My friend was very sad, because he said this woman was very nice. Then my wife came home, and we walked up to McDonalds for lunch before she headed off to work.
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    Drove my mom to get her car worked on at the dealership, then went to breakfast (with a coupon! ). Did some grading and even took the heavy box back up to the school. Saw the driveway and mailbox get "done," but it's not considered official until the inspector inspects it so the inspection is inspectworthy. Went to dinner at the Sizzler that apparently just reopened a couple of days ago.
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