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    Normally, I sleep until early afternoon. That's because I work nights. I go in on Friday night and my shift ends on Saturday morning at 7AM. Then, I try to convert back to a "day" existence but shorting myself on sleep to be with the family who has a "normal" schedule. That way we spend time together for the rest of the weekend. I'm pretty a zombie for the rest of the day (Saturday) since I short myself of sleep. Sunday things are much better. As for the rest of Saturday, I just go with the flow since the family has made plans while I slept.
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    Finally did some laundry. Couldn't get it all done, so I did all the blacks first.
    Deposited some cash in the bank.
    Watched the latest BSG episode on the web.
    Put on some freshly washed black clothes and played a gig at a club.
    Posted some on SSG, now I'm going to crash, and probably wake up with a tiny hangover from drinking the free micro-brew I drank.

    No I didn't meet a sweet thang to take home, but I had fun anyways...well it's Sunday now.

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    12AM-6AM: After having been up all day Friday (from about 8AM) I continue to stay up all Friday night/Saturday morning watching random movies/infomercials on TV so I won't miss Power Rangers at 6AM (I have no Alarm Clock, and even if I did I have no place put it as I have no bedroom).
    6AM-7AM: Watched two episodes of Power Rangers. Technically today I had no direct reason to watch these episodes per say. They were "repeats" and I did tape them the first time they aired on ABC. Main reason I watched the repeats was to see if my local ABC affiliate was still having problems (the past two weeks they cut off the tail end of the second episode due to running over 7AM). I wanted to assess if I should be concerned when the new season starts up in March. No problem this week with the early cut off, so I'm hoping the problem was just due to the fact that both previous weeks aired the "season finale" (which was probably just a tad longer to tie up the loose ends of that season).
    7AM-12PM: Watched the "CW4kids block" for some other shows I follow on Saturday (Spectacular Spider-Man, TMNT: Back to the Sewers, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight).
    12PM-11PM: Slept in a series of micro naps (occasionally waking to answer the phone, get the mail, feed the cat, food, bathroom, etc.)
    11PM-12AM: Waited (flipping through TV channels) until I could get on the PC so I could surf the net.
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    -Couldn't sleep
    -Played Day of Defeat for a few hours
    -Slept in the afternoon for a few hours to make up for previous lack of sleep
    -Helped my Mom and Stepdad move stuff from the garage to the storage unit
    -Went to Target and Wal-Mart then we picked up dinner
    -Ate said dinner
    -Got online and chatted to my flock of fascinating friends for a few hours
    -Watched the third episode of Wolverine and the X-Men
    -Now I'm going to bed
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    Played SW Lego, went to the store, bought toys, slept and watched TV.
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    Woke up at 3:35am, showered, dressed, got to work a little after 4. Worked until noon, no break, rather leave the hour earlier. Got home, popped in some Smallville, started to drift a sleep so I paused it. Woke up an hour later and resumed the episode. Surfed the net a little bit, cleaned up the apartment for company coming today. Had some leftover pasta for dinner, watched a couple more episodes of Smallville, went to be around 9:20.
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    Well, I woke up Sunday morning
    With no way to hold my head that didn't hurt.
    And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad,
    So I had one more for dessert.
    Then I fumbled in my closet through my clothes
    And found my cleanest dirty shirt.
    Then I washed my face and combed my hair
    And stumbled down the stairs to meet the day.

    On a Sunday morning sidewalk,
    I'm wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.
    'Cause there's something in a Sunday
    That makes a body feel alone.
    And there's nothing short a' dying
    That's half as lonesome as the sound
    Of the sleeping city sidewalk
    And Sunday morning coming down.

    Oh wait, today is SUPERBOWL Sunday! YEAH!!!!
    May the force be with you.

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    Went to WM but only found three new figures and a comic pack. Disappointed with the clearance sales. Filled up the gas tank and picked up a couple DVDs I had on hold at the library (Dark Knight & Hellboy II).

    Then I came home, ate a sandwich made from leftover chicken breast and got online to surf. Then I watched four movies I recorded on the DVR in the last week.

    Still a lot of snow on the ground here though primary roads were clear Saturday. Secondary roads are still bad. So I'm pretty much stuck inside and I try to avoid a lot of unnecessary travel.

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    Me, my wife, and daughters went to Grand Island to visit my inlaws and shop. Came up zilch on the latest wave. It kinda sucked cause I was coming down with a cold and was dragging my *** all day.

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    Interesting thread idea.

    Let's see, I'm home this weekend. Yesterday I worked on setting up my Star Wars display (it's an extremely slow-going process). I finally have the ROTJ shelf done, even though I do still need to get wire and tape for the Ewok hang glider and logs to smash into the AT-ST. I talked a while with a friend and got my sister to get us tickets for Modest Mouse, who's coming to my campus later this month. My parents went to the public funeral for a guy who was well-known in the city (not a real close friend, but somebody known by all), but I didn't feel like going. I later watched Citizen Kane with my parents since they wanted to see it and then SNL which wasn't all that amazing this week.
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