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    We had a birthday party for my daughter and her friends at the Clay Cafe on Saturday....there's nothing quite like trying to keep 5 six-year olds busy with paint and away from racks of clay plates! Sigh....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I'd have that gastro-inflamma checked out, too. Fire from the insides can be dangerous!
    Now you tell me!
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    I saw Underworld, Coraline, He's Just Not That Into You, & New In Town with some friends. Didn't do much the rest of the day.
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    How did this thread die already? I guess nobody does anything on Saturdays anymore.

    Last Saturday I know I saw Fanboys with a friend and it was really good. Yesterday I went to Dave & Buster's with my dad; he got a bunch of power cards a few months ago when he went there for some business thing and nobody wanted theirs, so we've been going every now and then and winning a crapload of tickets. Later in the night I went to the Modest Mouse concert on campus with a few friends. One opening band was crappy and the other was good, but both played for entirely too long. The sound system was pretty terrible (it was muffled and there was a lot of feedback) and my hearing is still not back to 100% a day later. Modest Mouse played a lot of stuff from their earlier albums, which I don't have, but there was still a lot of great stuff from the CDs that I do have. Ironically, some douchebags started moshing and bumping into people and angering everyone during Float On, of all songs. Overall, though, it was quite fun.
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    I spent several attempts trying to call in at MabuCon on Saturday night but to no avail! All I got was JediElf's voice on the answer machine each time I tried. Other SSGers were busy checking in and talking to mabs, RB, jjr, Slick, and Cappy!

    However, Sunday morning I called again and mabs picked up the phone and knew it was me by my accent!
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    I started the day, Saturday the 28th, argueing with my wife, tried to get my son his drivers license, balanced my checkbook, took a nap, wrote a letter to include with my ssons birthday card, lounged on the sofa, showered, took my son and family out to dinner at Red Robin, came home, sang Happy Birthday to my son, was to full to eat any more, watched T.V. with my wife, was getting up to get ready for bed when the phone rang, it was Slicker, then talked to Rocketboy, then Captian Solo, then my phone died. Brushed my teeth and went to bed.
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    Started the day by working out. Still feeling the effects from the eye infection, so my balance was off and nearly fell off the elipical machine. Showered, went grocery shopping, came home to my wife puking all over because she's so upset that her period started and she's not pregnant. Puking was over in about 2 hours. Had lunch Cleaned up and mopped a lot that afternoon. Made her congee for dinner, made myself chicken and brocooli. Slept early that day.
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    I mentioned what I did in other places here; sorry for unintentionally dissin' this thread'n. I went to a follow-up dermatology appointment for some removed stuff, then took the winding way home and reinvested in a couple communities (books, 3 SW figs, card packs, etc.). Did some grading, watched junk on TV, went to bed.

    p.s. Forgot to mention, this coming Saturday, I intend to participate in our school's 3rd annual Dodgeball tournament for the first time as a member of the staff team. We teachers will:
    A) be battered mercilessly, and lose face (literally and figuratively)
    B) surprise the punk kids and whoop 'em good
    C) be uninspired, possibly even quit during the game
    D) have everyone pull various muscles and joints prior to the match and have to forfeit
    E) all or none of the above
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    Yea...I wanna hear about the Mabucon Saturday....a full report!
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    i did landscaping (ie. moving rocks/concrete & digging) at work for several hours. followed by even more hours of moving rocks on sunday.

    BCJ - D definitely is involved in the answer somehow


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