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Went into town and spent the day at the university library so I could download some software updates using their free Wi-Fi.

Normally I'd just go to the closest public library branch, but they've closed them due to budget shortfalls. The main branch downtown is just too out of the way and too crowded and noisy.

That's happening in San Diego, too (library hours being cut, staff being retired). It really sucks as many people really enjoy libraries. I did hours upon hours of volunteer work for my local library branch.

You can check out movies there, too. It's way free as compared to NetFlix or Block Buster. I think they even have video games.

Anyway, one proposal is for our City to run a for-profit coffee shop operation in public libraries that will supply each branch with more funds. I think that's a great idea, as it will make libraries even more comfortable than Borders' Book Stores and it will really become the "in-thing" for people to hang out at our public libraries. It was always intended to be that way, anyway.