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    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99 View Post
    Busy day...

    1. De-badged the trunk of my car.
    2. Washed the car.
    3. Went to the dealership to schedule 2 "recall" repairs I got in the mail.
    4. Watched the new Star Trek movie.
    5. Posted on SSG.
    6. Profit.
    Borrowing your list, sk, I did #4 and #5, plus got new windshield wipers that sort of #2'd. Also graded some student work, helped with the house repairs/additions going on.
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    1. Started out grocery shopping
    2. Mailed some Relay for Life checks.
    3. Posted on SSG, Myspace, MWG forums, 501st forums.
    4. Mowed the lawn.
    5. Washed dishes.
    5 1/2. Made the bed.
    6. Called Josh, got his voicemail.
    7. Josh called back, spoke with him.
    8. Went for a walk with my wife.
    9. Ended up at the theatres to watch "Wolverine".
    10. Came home and read some Bible verses.
    Brushed my teeth, getting ready to go to bed.
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    Just returned from Mother's Day dinner with Mrs. TI7.

    Yep. We go the day before to beat the crowds! Tomorrow I make a nice dinner at home for everyone after mom opens her gifts!
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    Went to the Tulip Festival in Albany, very nice day for it and escaped the showers later on at night. Slick's mom was working one of the Tulip tents, she'd asked you where you wanted her Tu Lips
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    ...went to see J.J.Abram's Star Trek..the anything-but-slow motion picture.
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    Had a solid plan which got dashed with the surprise appearance of my brother "in law" (would be my actual Bro but for the fact that I ain't legally married)

    Went uptown and ate some nachos and got a guided tour of our fave brepub from the brewmaster (who has been my friend for 25 years or so) then came back home and hooked up with another long-time buddy and downed some frosties in classical Canadian saturday night style

    Gonna try to enact yesterdays "dropped" plan today \m/
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Saturday was awesome....can't wait for next Sat.
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    My dad and I were in Minnesota seeing family. On Saturday, he and some of his brothers took their mom out to lunch, and I went with an aunt and two cousins to Guitar Center since one of them is getting into drums, just like me. Later that night we watched David Gilmour's Live in Gdansk on TV (so they cut out several songs for time) but it looked beautiful in HD on their really nice TV. Then SNL and off to bed.
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    Woke up at 6:00, did my morning ritual (you don't want details but it involves coffee, the newspaper, and my favorite room in the house,) put on my suit, drove to a Maryland Jaycees convention, ran 5 meetings including 1 1 hour training I did, went out to dinner with my wife, my son, my brother, and my mom, came home and started prepping to make mothers day dinner on sunday.

    All in all, I was busy from 6:00 AM till 2AM sunday.

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    So at the last minute a booking agent calls the singer and says we are scheduled to play at the Acoma Sky City Casino on Friday and Saturday.
    There goes my Star Trek premier plans on Fri.

    We get out there, free rooms nice place good pay. I ask if there is a movie theatre nearby in the area so I could see Star Trek the next morning... No
    Anyways thinking about Star Trek, I do the intro harmonics to the theme song in frustration (more than twice I'm sure)

    Woke up with a headache Saturday (non-drinking establishment) and was wondering why then I took a good wiff of the air, and it was a constant permeation of Diesel exaust from the next door truck stop.
    I had to leave that place till we played that night so I drove through the apocalyptic wasteland to the nearest town to check out the Walmart there. I found a Resolute Cobra though.

    Next time we play there I'm going to see if I can get a portable Oxygen tank. I think I lost some brain cells from the monoxide.
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