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    Attended a wedding in LA. My wife's cousin, who was the flower girl in our wedding, got married. Strange vows exchanged (how in the world letting your husband view sports with all his frat brothers as a priority in your marriage got in there is beyond me); the reception was tedious and weird. The MC and DJ left a lot to be desired :incessantnoiseinsteadofmusic:.

    Got home around 1:30AM (it's normally about a 2 hr. drive south from here). No traffic from Woodland Hills to home! :warpfactorfivemistersulu:
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    I worked 9 hours, then came home and barbaqued some steaks.
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    Every day is pretty much a Saturday to me now, as I'm on summer break. I think I worked on the SW room a bit and later watched Blade Runner. Not a ton of stuff.
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    I put in a new floor in our bathroom (finally), but couldn't fix the toilet flange on the floor (##@!?* broken gasket).....sigh.

    By the way, with this post I FINALLY reached small step for most of you, but one giant leap for me!

    I love this Forum!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qui-Long Gone View Post
    By the way, with this post I FINALLY reached small step for most of you, but one giant leap for me!
    It's quality, not quantity that counts!

    Just look at my post count vs. my membership date since the Old Forums went the way of the first Death Star.
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    I attended a two-day writing program retreat, on Friday evening and most of Saturday. Once I came home, I had lots* of energy to fulfill all my other responsibilites.

    * = empty car lots
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    Was invited to a 6-year old's golf-themed birthday party. I dressed in 1940s era gold clothes (read: stuffed my pants into argyle socks, wore a driving [no pun intended] cap). It was pretty fun: sand trap, putting, chipping, "obstacle course" challenges; green icing cupcakes with golfball decorations; kids got personalized foam visors. Neato. Then I wasted the rest of the day grading papers and watching TV sports. :slug:
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    Got off work at 7AM. Had a snack before going to bed. Woke up at 1:45PM. Got out of helping my wife tear down her classroom for the year cuz I had to get a haircut (there's still opportunity: she's not done yet). Had dinner with the extended family. Got stuck with the bill. Watched the last two episodes of the Band of Brothers marathon on History Channel. Went to bed.
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