Well, let's see...

I have a long 4 day weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

Friday I spend 8 hours working on the car. I "clayed" the car with the new Ice Liquid Clay Kit by Turtle Wax. This is akin to the standard claybar kit, only in a single liquid application. Clay removes contaminants from the exterior of the vehicle. Then I washed and waxed the car using Turtle Wax's Ice car polish. That night I also attended a local car meet, it was a pretty small meet, but I got to see some nice cars and talk to a few local owners. It was mostly Subaru STI owners and a couple Evo owners, and me with my RA.

Saturday I went to my 1SG's house and played poker. We started off with dealers choice then went into no limit hold 'em. I won some, lost some, pretty much broke even. It was an all afternoon/night event, arrived at 3 p.m. and finished at 11:30 p.m. Pizza, beer, good times, etc.

Today, I am recovering from yesterday and catching up on the forums. Probably going to do some work around the house. Maybe watch a couple of movies from Netflix.