My work had a day at the zoo for families, which was really cool. Everything was free, including breakfast, lunch and snacks, the pet the stingrays exibit, train rides (the kids' favorite). My parents & sister (& her 2 kids, who somehow also happen to be my niece & nephew) were in town, so they came along too. Afterwards, I came home, laid out by the pool with some beers for a few hours. Finally, I went with some old friends to a free concert with Sheryl Crow & Elvis Costello (too much Sheryl, not enough Elvis) under the St. Louis Arch. After 1/3 of the crowd left, they came back out for one final encore and played Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll, (probably the best, highest energy song that was played all night)... and then fireworks were shot over the Mississippi river... not a bad Saturday.

Today I'm going to the homerun derby.