Yesterday, Mrs. TI7 and I spent the evening with Wayne Sayles the author of my uncle's biography....FINALLY!

Here's a little info on that which can be found in the "Reading" section of SSG:

We were treated to a wonderful dinner, and then Mr. Sayles conducted a video interview with me about my family with regard to my uncle. AND....he was generous enough to bring my uncle's West Point ring for me to see!
He is compiling information not just on my uncle, but material on the 416th Bomb Group to be used in a project of his later. (The Military Channel recently had a show Great Planes on the A-26 Invader that featured a lot of film footage on the 416th)

All in all, a very exhilarating, surreal, and emotional experience for me!

In case anyone is interested in Mr. Sayles' journey finding out about my uncle (and which ultimately led his efforts to me), or just has interest in WWII in general, here is the site of his blog: