This weekend was nuts:

Friday - Padres game - with a ninth inning 3 run homer by Chase Headley - the start of my team sweeping Arizona their whole series (I saw every game!)

Saturday - I was in the United States 6th Regiment and fought the Civil War!
I reported early to get into uniform for additonal weapons training with my platoon, and then we met the South for combat on the fields of glory! Yes - we use REAL guns. Our COs check everyone for bullets and we all have to fire off a round into the ground in front of our sergeants to make sure we're safe. ("Safe" pointing real guns at other people and firing directly at them!)

Actually, I wasn't scared. Though I didn't know any of the Southerners my regiment fought, I felt everything safety-wise was really handled well.

See my pic(s) attached below. I'm saving a lot of stuff for publication EXCLUSIVELY on my professional website's debut to promote my novel. There will be video footage of our cavalry maneuvers, the charge and exchange of fire, right down to hand-to-hand combat (and yes, we had to be really careful with sharp bayonets - those are the real thing)! There were well over 1,000 troops on the battlefield! This was crazier than the actual "old world" naval combat I engaged in before.

Now I can ride and shoot (shoot 'em up cowboy)! - and I've been in the infantry.

I empathize with you guys in the real military - all that marching. I'll tell you this though - a Springfield musket rifle is heavier than any AR / AK-47, M-16 or other modern rifle. And a Smith and Wesson 6-shooter (though I'm a crack shot with it) - well - you feel that thing on your hip or on the recoil so much more than you'll feel any 9mm or .22.

Anyway, I'll let you know when I put up the website and the video. I'm waiting for art work by one of the actual Star Wars artists (but doing promotional work for my Civil War / western novel). Those of you who know whom I'm personal friends with won't be surprised who my artist is, but I'll wait until all permissions have been granted to bring that out. It's going to be nice though!

Then I was off to the Padres game on Saturday evening. I took a friend for her birthday. That night, the Friars SHUT-OUT the Diamondbacks 5-0. Our pitcher Kevin Correia killed some Snakes! Strike out Mark Reynolds - thank you! His six-shooter looked like 3 balls and 2 strikes and a big swing and a miss! Another time he only saw 3 pitches total! SMOKE! The Pads are hot now! (Uh, but we play Division Leader San Francisco today. I think I'll hold my breath - especially if Lincecum is pitching for SF. Don't know for sure yet.)

After the game we went out to The Tilted Kilt. It was her idea. Honestly! Yes I know the waitresses are hot and this place is everything Hooters wants to be times 10! So I'm downtown in the early evening and then I left early because I had to get up early the next morning, as I was taking a disabled friend to the ballgame, and we went early to have breakfast with the actual Padres players (pitchers Heath Bell and Jon Garland this time).

So Sunday morning I did that and then watched the game. Chase Headley had an inside the ballpark 3 RBI homerun! Our 3rd baseman is an ultimate MLB leader with hits and getting on base in 11 out of 12 games now. In addition, David Eckstein (Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano's husband) has never struck out in 2010 (pre-season, current season). The Padres gave out David Eckstein bobblehead action figures on Saturday night. He's about 7-9". I'm going to put an extra Ahsoka Tano figure sitting on his shoulder in my Padres display! Also, the Padres program guide from that night has a 2-page story on the Ecksteins and Clone Wars, etc. with pics of Ashley and David and so-on. I think I'll post it in the MLB 2010 thread later. (Comic Con / Star Wars night at PETCO Park will be in July, at the game the week prior to Comic Con for anyone coming to San Diego early).

Sunday evening, my friend Toni got married, so I went to her wedding on Silver Strand state beach on Coronado Island. It was beautiful. I thought her new husband, a Navy SEAL might wear his dress uniform for the wedding, but he opted for a tuxedo instead. Good food, music, dancing. I met a new girl and also found a bunch of the military guys to talk sports with - but mostly football. (What? Am I the only guy who watches baseball religiously? It's the national past time!)

Anyway, now I'm finally getting to my build-a-droid trades.

Oh - and yes, btw - I grew a beard for my more-authentic Civil War look this weekend. It was only 1 week old and came in mostly blonde, so it doesn't show up that well. I've shaved it since (about only 2 hours ago). But LOL - I have a beard in Toni's wedding photos. She voted I get rid of it. But man, that look was the in-thing about 150 years ago!

Anyway, I'll see what I dig up picture-wise. I think the several I'm thinking of posting here (and in the post-a-pic thread) will be the ones where I forgot to take my sunglasses out of my collar. When I was in infantry I got it from my sergeant for that. What? They didn't have RayBans in the 1800's?