Got a bit of a late start doing my usual morning shopping. Only Star Wars item I got was the Snowspeeder at Target. Got home around noon. It was a hot day so I was content to stay inside for the rest of the afternoon.

Around 5 PM, I drove to Boulevard Park and walked to Fairhaven to eat at a restaurant called Skylark's. I'd never eaten there before (there are a lot of places in town I've never eaten at before because I rarely go out to eat). I had smoked salmon linguini and a vanilla shake.

After dinner, I stopped by Fairhaven Runners and signed up for a 15K race next month. I've never run this course or raced this distance before, so I won't be too worried that I'm not in shape for it because whatever I do will be a personal best, and give me something to shoot for next year.

After that, I walked back to the park for a free outdoor concert at 7 PM by a band called the Clumsy Lovers. The live show seemed much more energetic than what I've heard on their website.

The weather was nice so it was a beautiful setting for a concert right next to the water. The sun went down a little bit before the end of the show, so that was nice to see. A bit more interesting than my usual Saturday nights.