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    Was in the annual city Founders' Day parade, so that took up my time until about noon. Had lunch, took back my costume, did not enough grading and too much college football watching, opened up some SW figures. Went to church, got pizza as dinner, watched more football and the recorded CW cartoon episode. Zzz...
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    Accomplished the usual domestic chores around the house. As an unfortunate subscriber of ATT&T's U-Verse bundle with problems, had to wait at home for a repairman for a scheduled service call penciled in between 4PM and 9PM which precluded my going with the family to a local play to support a friend who had a sizable part in it. And, oh yeah, AT&T never showed.
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    Cleaned the garage...blech...
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    Helped decorate businesses in my town for the holidays as a fundraiser for my Jaycees chapter. Then I watched football and played with my sons. It was a great day.

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    bouoght a wireless Wii sensor bar (my puppies ate the original Wii sensor bar), had lunch with my father (my wife, mother and sister were at my cousin's bridal shower) and then did some yard work (collected all the leaves in the backyard area) then worked at Shoprite from 6-12... needless to say I was tired on Sunday but had plans to go to my sister's and then back to work at Shoprite for 4-12.
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    spent it looking for a log of old text messages. Really needed ones from Spring 2009 but it looks like they got zapped when the ex broke in July 09. Really needed this stuff for court this afternoon. Plenty of data to prove that we never were able to reconcile and never made it to the ten year lifetime clause. I just hope the judge believes me when I go to trial in an hour. Blah

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    Oh working of I hate weekends at the television freaking boring and slow!!!
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    Got some Depends diapers and a 15ml bottle of "ACQUA di GlOlA" women's perfume by Giorgio Armani in the mail. That is all.
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