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    The Padres held Fan Fest 2011. I fielded ground balls, attended Heath Bell's pitching clinic and Chase Headley's batting clinic, and ran and slided around the bases on the infield. The United States Navy put on the biggest air show in San Diego's history with 300 planes flying in formation over the city, the bay, and PETCO Park while we were playing on the ballfield for the 100th Anniversary of the History of Naval Aviation. And the Miss Teen California pageant winners were there to welcome in the next baseball season. I visited with them, Padres' baseball legends like Randy Jones, and most of our current active roster. It was a great day in my own baseball fandom's history!
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    Ran in a local 15k (took 24th overall and 3rd in my age division), ate breakfast with Mr and Mrs. 2-1B, bought a new pair of running shoes, watched a movie with a buddy. Home, shower, ate, work.

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    Helped train this years crop of local chapter officers in the Maryland Jaycees, ran several meetings, and emceed the dinner and awards banquet. Then I went to a party.

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    The first part of the day was quite efficient and got plenty of stuff done: oil change, and many papers graded and recorded while waiting (but the TV had the Turbodogs cartoon on, which was not really a good idea for adults awaiting news of their car repair). Upgraded a gift TV by exchanging the smaller one amidst the heavy rains that were expected earlier in the day. Once back home: lethargy.
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    I did a lot, except find a more suitable and specific phrase instead of "a lot."

    - "slept in" until 6:30am
    - reorganized and printed digital photos
    - recharging my Costco card and had "lunch" there (nonfat swirl frozen yogurt, water)
    - checked out the local Borders store that's closing but the line was too long for me (and $10 in merchandise wasn't worth the time :costbenefitanalysis: )
    - finished my have-to-get-done grading
    - a little yardwork, just a tad
    - got sucked into the free preview Starzzzzzz weekend on TV far too deep, plus some college b-ball
    - got dinner at Chick Fil-A, with a BOGO coupon
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    In no particular order I spent Saturday doing:

    -taking photos of the snow on our nearby mountains
    -dinner and seeing a musical comedy with Mrs. TI7 at one of our community theaters.
    -visited with friends who relocated to Oregon who came into town to see their daughter in the play above.
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    I went camping this weekend. Friday night was cold. -29º F for a low. Saturday I went snowboarding for the first time in years. Normally I'm a cross country skier, but my friends wanted to go down hill, so I said ok. For not normally snowboarding I think I did alright. I had two bad falls though. One I landed on my shoulder funny and the other coming off the lift I twisted my knee a little. That night I slept great. Low was balmy +4º F.
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    I drove up to Temecula on Saturday to be in a gun battle, rob a bank, shoot the sheriff and his deputy.

    Our desperado street battle got rained out. And it was a beautiful day on Sunday.

    But anyway, I did get to join a new gang, the Gunfighters of Temecula.

    So Saturday, while I was dressed as a gunslingin' cowboy, I went to a country bar and met this fine little philly and she and I rode the electric bull faster and faster, harder and harder. Today I am so darn sore - my legs all bruised and burning. I have the video they shot of this in the country bar and I'm hanging on pretty good. Like Indiana Jones, I kept my hat on my head, and my eyes on the young ladies wearing Daisy Dukes.
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    Yesterday, the battle was awesome! Totally unscripted, our major led our battalion over a hill on the double-quick and we flanked the entire Confederate regiment and shot half of them in the back!

    Then we wheeled down the hill in left and right obliques, taking out ALL of their infantry (only 3 guys - two musicians and an officer were captured alive, we left no one else standing!). The company on the right cut into their men manning the Rebel artillery and my company on the left, having finished with the infantry, turned to finish the job of capturing the Confederate cannons. My squad was on the extreme left flank and we hit a battery that the Rebs had already loaded. They fired cannisters at us at close range and me and my entire platoon went down! But I saw the United States flag go up the grassy ridge the Rebels had put their cannon on and the Union took the day!

    This was the best infantry action I'd even seen!

    I also bought a new gun, a Remington .44 US Army. It actually draws fast like the Navy Colt .38, but it takes an interchangeable cylinder, which can actually even fire Colt .45 bullets with the adapter. This means that in seconds, I can switch from pre-loaded blanks to live rounds from extra cylinders I keep in my ammo pouch. Great for live-fire shooting contests and a technicality on the open-carry law in California - as "no, I'm not loaded." But give me a sec...

    Actually, the major gave a strong rebuke about that though, and we're not supposed to walk off the park grounds wearing our holsters to keep the peace with the police and avoid any incidents.

    Except for those biting words in closing, we were all about celebrating a great Union victory tonight and the Irish Brigade lit the green lantern, meaning the St. Patrick's Day bar was officially open! That, the celebratory mood, and the great Southern BBQ all made for an awesome day!

    A friend showed up and decided to join Ghost Company (San Diego) with me. We got him outfitted with a uniform and a gun and he'll fight tomorrow. Those who may want to come out and see this (and the sound and shock waves from the cannon fire are booming off the Vista countryside's hills) can catch the first fight at high noon. We're going to try a prisoner of war in military court (and punish him) to kick off the morning right after breakfast.
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    Wow, compared to Tycho's day, my Saturday was MUCH better and MORE exciting:
    - dropped off recycling (over $7) and hazardous waste
    - picked up some wine at the local winery for my uncle
    - shopped for various items (socks for a sock drive at school, bandages/floss/toilet paper/chips/pictures/etc.)
    - graded most of the papers I needed to do
    - watched far too much TV
    - realized I may be coming down with a cold
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