I made the mistake of trying to run a race with a bad hamstring. I had strained it on Tuesday night's run. I tried going for a run on Thursday, but only went a 1/4 mile before running back home. Friday night and Saturday morning it felt like it was better and that I should be able to finish, just slower than I had hoped.

Warming up for the race, I didn't feel like I would be able to go very fast at all, but once the race started, I felt better. It even felt like the leg was getting better as the race progressed. However, even though it didn't feel like I was going too fast, I was running around 6:20 per mile. However, I felt a twinge a bit after a mile, so tried to ease up a bit. Shortly after 1.5 miles, it gave out on me, so I had to walk and jog the rest of the way. So, my final time was 32:50. However, that was good enough for 4th in the 40-49 age division, so I got a ribbon. If I had been able to keep up the pace I had been running, I would have won my division. Last year's top four in the division all would have been faster than this year's division winner.

Afterwards, I stopped by my mom's on the way home. She was burning some windfall branches and stuff, so I helped pick up sticks in the field for about 90 minutes. It almost seemed to help the leg to do that, but it was pretty sore later. Seems a bit better now, but I shall take a week off at least from running.