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    Biked 27+ miles, relaxed a bit, went to Mr and Mr's 2-1B's house to watch the two NFL games.

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    Should've done more, but fell victim to the lethargy bug. Did a little grading, read some, watched far too much nothing on the idiot box. Went to church, then tried out a somewhat-new Chinese restaurant (not bad, but not enough to become a regular).
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Didn't sleep in, since I was headign east to an Academic Decathlon event for the high school. Very gusty winds once I got closer, to the point that I got off the freeway to save my life and sanity. I judged interviews; some interesting students and responses. Got gas on the way home (still dangerously windy there), plus recycling (about $7 this time) and bought a book. Did my gotta-get-it-done grading, but no more. Sucked into the vortex that is Sat. afternoon TV. Wrote a little story (to be online-contest-published) into the late night.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Went to the gym to run on the dreadmill (7+ miles total), grabbed some breakfast (gyro omlet...yum!), hit a few stores....laundry and that was about it when it comes to me being 'productive.'

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    Awake since about 4am, headed out to a day-long seminar on writing. Presented to... just one attendee for my session. Got gas, went out to dinner, then a BOGO ice cream from Dairy Queen (not both for me). Startin' to feel sleepy...
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    Worked on laundry and taxes...but not at the same time. I didn't want to end up laundering money....
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    A state-wide English teacher conference was just down the street from home, for the first time this close in several years, apparently. So I attended a few workshops, talked with teachers I knew or just met there, graded a little bit. At lunch time, I headed to an AMC theater for what I thought would be a cool SW event; I was wrong. Took mom out to dinner for her birthday, came home and zonked out soon after.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Ran in a local 15k (in -8 temps w/ the wind chill) and took 13th out of about 850 people. Home, showered, worked for a couple of hours, back home where I grilled a pizza, then a little reading, a little interwebbing and a little AOTC.

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    Went to Seattle with my girlfriend and her family to see the Flying Karamazov Brothers. It was a good show, and one of them kind of looked a bit like MrJabbaJohnL.


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