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    Went to rehearsals (still don't fully have the knife scene down right), dropped off recycling (but forgot to pick something up from my classroom on the way), decided that even including a $10-off-coupon that a plastic Converse watch for $55 is too pricey, graded just enough work, took down the backyard canopy cover (it'll be getting windy in the afternoons soon), and watched FAR TOO MUCH Space Shuttle Endeavour coverage on local TV.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Went to rehearsals (still don't fully have the knife scene down right).
    Don't carve the ham, please.
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    Sorted recycling at home in drizzle (went over the $100 mark for the school year with today's haul), went to rehearsals (finally got the knofe scene, at the last run-through), bought nothing in a few stores. Came home, watched football and graded. A relaxing day, for a change. Nice.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Today was the first day in a looooong time I've been able to just sit down and work on editing Lazy Jedi Episode III for a good chunk of time. Hopefully it will be done next month, but these always take a lot longer than I think they will.
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    I like JabbaJohnL's post.

    Today I built and stacked two home entertainment component cabinets and 3 1/6 scale action figure display cases from IKEA.

    I started opening my figures and displaying them for my 1/6 scale ENDOR display.

    The top of the case has the Shuttle Tyderium landing on it, with the Rebel Strike Team all aboard. C-3PO glistens in the ship and you can see him shining behind Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewie. With the 2 seat cockpit, I have the Skywalker twins sitting on the floor behind Han and Chewie but you can't tell they don't have chairs when you look at them in the cockpit. In the back are the droids and a black sergeant and a white corproral Endor Rebel Soldier. I have the shuttle positioned so the Tyderium's wings are open. It looks super cool. It was a great toy when it debuted for ROTJ and still is as a realistic repaint today.

    1st shelf is empty. I plan on recreating the shield bunker entrance there with the playset and Han and Leia in 3 3/4".

    2nd shelf is SideShow's 1/6 scale Endor Strke Team. These figures are awesome! First time I opened them. The boots have shoelaces as does the enlisted infantryman's woven shirt! They each have different gear, canteens, satchels, commlink watches so they can talk to General Solo and more. First time I've opened these. Nicely done SideShow!

    3rd shelf is all non-armored Imperials. These are Hasbro 1/6 scale. With the Endor Strike Team and the figures I selected here, I wanted to compensate for not having GI Joes or 21st Century military men dioramas recreating America's great wars we participated in. So I would not use 1/6 scale stormtroopers or bikerscouts here. I have 3 Imperial Death Star Trooper figures, one with the alternate Army officer hat on, and the other 2 posed s they don't look like they are clones. They are dragging the deliberately "posed wounded" Imperial officer by Hasbro (sideburns). The AT-ST Driver, without his helmet (I took it off him) and with the top of his jumpsuit unsealed, looks very "survivor-ish" and he is trying to lead them out of whatever trouble you can imagine them being in.

    4th shelf has 1/6 scale Han Solo Trench Coat, Chewbacca furry, brandishing crossbow, the Ewoks, Wicket (soon - I have to find him), Keeolkeech, and Logray, having just killed a Original Trilogy Collection Stormtrooper. The last is a great figure for Hasbro. The stormtrooper's blaster goes in his holster. His box is a replica of the vintage stormtrooper's box (the box the figure is actually in, inside of the big collector box), and many of these HASBRO figures have poseable fingers and pretty darn good articulation - much to my surprise.

    So I made an OT Endor display and I like the way it looks very much!
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    Instead of going to a CC meet to coach I simply went to watch (high school not college). Went on a 7-8 mile hike with a buddy and got to try out a new backpack I got, then we got some pizza and I headed home.

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    On house arrest again this week end (aka being on call which really sucks this time since I have to "fall back" an extra hour). That meant being domestic and doing chores around the house.
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    Didn't really get to sleep in, as I had to leave for rehearsals earlier (doing costumes, mics, lighting cues). Did my usual recycling, dropped off the grading I finished last night to free up today's schedule, a little laundry. Bought a book from B&N with a coupon, went to church this evening instead of tomorrow morning to allow for maximum DST gain-an-hour sleeping in. :fingerscrossed: Then dinner out, back home to relax in front of uniformed athletes and pseudo-pigskins.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."


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