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    With our last dress rehearsal the night before, I actually slept in until AFTER 7am. Laundry list (LISTS... :drool: ) of the day:
    - recycling (gets me over my minimum-expected amount for the school year already )
    - grading (got the three junior classes done, started on the sophomores [there's more of theirs, though])
    - got gas
    - bought snacks for the green room
    - watched a little college football, but more DVR'd Daily Shows and Colbert Reports
    - headed off to Opening Night of To Kill a Mockingbird play, which was followed by a cast party
    - ZZZ
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    Wow, did I miss LAST week's Saturday recap here? Oh well, too bad; I snooze, I lose.

    Yesterday: watched OSU/UM football game (with channel switching to Pitt/Rutgers), cleaned out some old papers from my desks, did some quick 'round town stuff (library, bank, stores, lunch). Back home for more televised football, and a little reading. I return to teaching come Monday, so it's time to relax as hard as I can today!

    p.s. Here's the SSG feed from the top right of this page: "Results 1,111 to 1,111 of 1111." Nice.
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    Planned to sleep in until at least 6am, and went another hour later. :exhaustion: Recycling, banking errands, and then put up outdoor Christmas lights (took the least amount of time ever, AND they don't look like carp). Watched some football, graded some (not all) my stuff. Was a passenger for a freeway-accessable errand, then got dinner to take home (did not finish all that Chinese food :leftovers: ). Odd, I seemed to have less energy as the day went on...
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    Braved the crowds at Costco, only there weren't any. Turned out to be an enjoyable trip except for the final tally. Emboldened, Mrs. TI7 and I went to Target after dinner (I BBQ'D steaks) to complete our shopping errands. Again, no crowds. I guess everyone else was Christmas shopping while we were shopping for basic staples. Also had time to read. I've borrowed Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. Wonderfully written. I have to put it down often, however, as it gets gut-wrenching for me frequently (to be translated in the Reading! thread when I finish).
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    Woke up early... and proceeded to fall back to sleep. Recycling, on the road to Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana (where they had a cool Indiana Jones exhibit), then dinner near Knott's Berry Farm. Braved the glut of the OC freeways home. Relaxed until I-
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    I got hired for a part in Christopher Guests' HBO series "Family Tree." It will be a Civil War era role. We start filming in January.

    I auditioned and was called back for a 2nd audition for a role in Ray DeWayne's AsImus as a Secret Service agent in charge of assignments on a missing persons investigation linked to a terrorist plot. Maybe next week I'll learn if I got the part. Personally, I thought I was too young to audition for that character. But you never know what they're looking for or how they can make you up.

    I then made an evening opportunity to volunteer with kidney patients in a social setting for a support group.

    Finally I met up with this young student from Germany who I met when she and I were in line to mail presents for Christmas.

    The previous night I was in the City of Temecula's annual Christmas parade with the gunfighter gang I run with.

    We held up Santa's sleigh. That was a good heist!

    For an older member of the gang who couldn't walk, I suggested a coffin on our western float with a sign that read "Sent to Heaven, courtesy of the Old Town Temecula Gunfighters."

    Later at Denny's during dinner, people wanted to meet me and take pictures with me. I am surprised "Daniel Winthrop" (my character and outlaw from my novel I'm working to publish) has become kind of popular already. For the parade, I double strapped my guns down tight so no one from the crowd could reach in on me, and we used "bubble-blower guns" with bright flashing lights to shoot at the crowds as we passed maybe a couple of miles for quite a major parade route.

    Anyway, stealing reindeer is a lot like stealing horses, except you can mount your Winchester on the antlers but they're skinnier and harder to fit with a saddle.
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    Completed the usual Saturday errands before taking Mrs. TI7 and our niece south over the hill to Boss Angeles to spend the first night of Hanukkah with her Dad's side of the family. Many will be returning the favor to come up and spend Christmas with us in a couple of weeks.

    Yes, we're one of those families...
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Must've forgotten it wasn't a weekday, because getting up and looking at the un-set alarm clock at 4:30am was a brief freakout. Went to the school for their winter finals cram session at the cafeteria (not much need for English help, apparently). Out for some shopping (finished getting items for those out of state), errands. Copied the Christmas letetr to mail out next week, and folded/sealed/stamped the envelopes for them, once I made it home, where I was glued to the set far too much. Did write a poem based on the recent CT events. Tried to work on my own final exams (done with the "regular" ones, just need to adjust for those students who arrived later in the semester), but alas not yet.
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    Didn't mean to sleep in, but what's done is done. Headed west to the Ronald Reagan Library, where the weather was wonderful (but the flying rock that chipped the windshield was NOT ). After seeing exhibits inside (including the Air Force One jet that wasn't yet ready the last time I was there, and a cool and pretty extensive Disney archives display), it rained some (not hard, but enough to make driving cautious and visibility poorer). Dinner at home; my uncle's in town for the holidays. Wrapped a few presents.
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    Cool Bel-Cam. I will have to go to the Reagan Library one day. I've been to John F. Kenney's in Massachusetts. It's worth it - but I was in Boston for San Diego versus the Red Sox - and that was even more worth it!

    On a worse note, I saw a homeless person fall and die while pushing their cart of recylables.

    I felt ashamed that this is allowed to happen to my fellow Americans.

    This was very disturbing and I haven't been able to sort this one out in my head very well.
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