Bel-Cam Jos, I was a winner of the Academic Decathalon in Jr High and High School both - and both times for my writing / essay contest.

Duh. I'm a writer. So some people think I'm pretty good. Or thought so once anyway.

Actually, since my parents have both died, I had come across my medals from the Academic Decathalons that my parents had saved. I won some for some other subjects, too - but I don't remember which. I'd have to go look. But I took the gold (first place) for my writing every time (not exagerating).

Anyway, what do I do with that stuff? I don't really need to keep it. It made my parents proud and I'm not really going to have kids to show them to anyway. I've just felt troubled about throwing them away, ya know?

On the other hand, there are group pictures of my Jr. High and High School teams that I'm in standing next to one of the prettiest girls in my respective schools. We were always on the teams together and I used to love looking up her skirt and she knew it and let me. It is one of my fondest memories from my grammar school days over Academic Decathalons, sports, dances, etc. Oh I did manage to go out with her and "run around the horn," but just the fact that we fooled around DURING school hours was awesome!

I want to save those pictures but I don't know if it's perverted. She is the same age as I am today, and we're actually still friends, but I'm digging her Jr. High picture because of the memories....Hmmmm. Do I need an ankle bracelet? (or a long trench coat and a hallpass?)

Anyway, this girl was really smart too. We competed with each other to graduate at the top of our classes. She won as I gave more time over to working for money so I could afford to take her out. I should have figured that she was only dating me to sabotage me!

Hmmm. Switching over to Facebook in a sec to ask her. That's a question from out of the blue and over 20 years ago, huh?