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    And I got another cold (dang! ), so I slept in due to NyQuil again. Watered lawns, did the crossword, cleaned up some inside, watched DVR'd TV, tried to drop off recyclables (was closed, but did open later in the afternoon). Got my taxes done (if, IF there's an actual government, I'm supposed to get $ back from the fed and state), did some shopping. Went to 5 Guys Burgers because they double-charged my credit card (according to my c/c statement received today) last time I was there, so technically dinner was "free." Came home, graded and watched hockey on the TV, eh?
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    Did a 4 mile race in the morning. Did a lot better than I expected, especially since I haven't been running much, have a couple nagging pains, and have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. Plus it was kind of windy.

    In the evening I went to the school where my girlfriend works, and watched a talent show and enjoyed some pizza.

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    Grand Central Station.

    My father-in-law came for a visit, as did my son's best friend (one of our many "adopted" sons) who's in the Navy; now stationed in Nevada, who came to town with his Japanese girlfriend he met while stationed at Atsugi, Japan so we could meet her; who arrived unannounced with another "adopted" son; as did my sister-in-law with her kids and boy friend who came for dinner with my father-in-law (we BBQ'd)....*whew!* *heavy sigh*...and entertained and fed the majority of the group this evening; and ended the evening by Skyping my son in Oklahoma......
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    I worked on voter contact and securing support for our city council candidate and then later went out to a BBQ by the pool. I was asked to bring one of my cats and she proved to be well-behaved and a popular visitor. That was a first.
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    Watched my baby son, Otto, while the wife worked. After she got home we made kabobs for dinner. She gave Otto a bath and put him to bed while I went to Costco. When I got home we made peanut butter blossom cookies for my bro, who is re-installing my stairway railing.

    At some point during the day I got the Ep 5 pinball game for my iPad. Fun.

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    Went on a 90 snowshoe hike (4.5 miles for those that care), then went to my nephews birthday party.

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    Spent a nice, relaxing day doing not much of anything. Celebrated my birthday (which was actually well as Mabs') at a Japanese restaurant with family and a good friend. Good food and some unexpected but appreciated gifts as I enter geezerhood...
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    Got breakfast to-go. Tried, I really tried to get my grading done earlier in the day (I did get half of what I needed to do before 10pm, though ), but alas did not. Went to the (my ) local community college's 130th anniversary celebration for a few hours, which was cool (and cold outside with the winds, clouds, and low-50s temps). Loaded some photos. Watched some hockey, eh, on the TV. Did a tad of reading.
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    JimJam, I so wished I was going to Spring Training again this year. I go every year but need the money for my book preparation fees.

    Because of my first book, I'm quite the Civil War Re-enactor.

    But we had an incident on the battlefield this weekend.

    24 Rebels who were surrendering were gunned down by the 2nd Cavalry. I didn't hear any orders personally. But when they throw down their arms, I don't fire. We're still trying to find out what happened, but the Rebs went down and our Re-enactor audience didn't appreciate it and I heard us being called murderers. Oops I guess.
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