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    Disneyland to check out the sights rather than rides. Tiki Room's Maynard was on fire, had that audience in the palm of his hand. Royal Street Bachelors were silky smooth. Oddly, we got an alternate team for Golden Horseshoe Review's Billy Hill & the Hillbillies.
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    Recycling (I may be near $200 for the year), hit a few shops, little work in the yard, finished my gotta-do grading and most of my lesson planning. Drove out to Staples Center to see Ohio St. and Wichita St. in the Elite 8 of the NCAA tournament... only to see the Buckeyes lose. Still, final score aside, it was an awesome game experience. Drove home (parking at Staples and drive to and from were all surprisingly smooth) to dinner out. Home to internetiing and TVing.
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    Ran a few errands, with Mrs. TI7, laundry, yard work, BBQ'd dinner (we're Californians, after all), and finally a just-before-midnight run to the emergency vet for one of my dachshunds. As usual, it appears she's ingesting things she shouldn't.
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    Didn't have a family Easter dinner to go to, and I couldn't make it out to my girlfriend's place for the brunch that she prepared. So, I had the usual Sunday of my mom coming over for a few hours to visit and help out around the house a bit. After she left, I met up with my girlfriend and her family at a park. Hung out there for a little bit before going to Dairy Queen. After returning home, I watched the final episode of The Bible miniseries on The History Channel. After that, I watched The Mountain Runners. This is a documentary about the Mount Baker Marathon. This was an event that was held from 1911-1913, and was a race from Bellingham to the summit of Mount Baker and back. This was the inspiration for the Ski to Sea race, and event that has been held annually since 1973.

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    Watered parts of the yard, then headed out for the hard-to-believe-it's-the-15th-annual Water Day/Earth Day celebration (which netted bags of free stuff [including reusable bags], free food [Chick Fil-A sandwich, pizza, soda, candies], displays of saving techniques, a trivia dunk tank [get the right answer on the touch screen and it beeped a horn that sent the guy into the water... except my correct answer of "aquifer" didn't make the board drop on the tank... and neither did any of the other 3 wrong answers ], face painting, plants, etc. etc. etc.). I now officially am over the $200 recycling mark on the school year. A new shopping area opened, so gotta get all those great grand opening deals (some SW figs and toys from the TRU, a good deal on dress shoes at Famous Footwear), home to grade/lesson plan/watch TV. Read a couple chapters before going to bed. A pretty good day, I suppose.
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    Visited family in the hospital all day, then came home and read comics.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Cussed my washing machine for imploding (drain pump now history), ran errands with Mrs. TI7 as now seems to be our habit, went to dinner (Tahoe Joe's) to celebrate our anniversary which is actually on Tuesday.
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    I caught up on a lot of sleep this weekend. I met several really nice new girls at my apartment complex I've started hanging out with (separately too ) and I achieved a lot of work on my 2nd novel, mostly keeping to myself this weekend.
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    Went shopping in the morning and stopped by to see my mom. Came home and mowed the lawn. Good thing I did, as I may not have had another dry day for a while. Then I got cleaned up, did the dishes and waited for my girlfriend to come over. We mostly watched TV and stuff on the DVR (Big Bang Theory, Psych, Doctor Who [both new and classic], and Touch).

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    Up early to get my car in for service on the first-come-first-served place, but stopped to get breakfast on the way (ended up being a flux capacitor [may as well have been that] instead of just an oil change need as why the "Check Engine Light" had come on ). Got a ride to a B&N teacher talk and materials sale (I won a book! ), then back to pick up my car. Graded all my gotta-do stuff, lesson planned for this coming week. Read some, watched some, surfed some.
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