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    I was dispatched to a tragedy at work which began late Friday night and spilled over into Saturday, so my Saturday began promptly at the stroke of midnight. Worked on that little issue and got home at 4AM. I had signed up for an overtime shift for Saturday, so I was back at work at 4PM and worked until midnight. As luck would have it, another tragedy struck at midnight and had to assist one of our small agencies in the county. I ended up with a 16 hour day (Sat/Sun), getting home at 8AM. Ended up with a 70 hour work week last week due to some other overtime, too, last Monday. Hooray for cuts in personnel! and AB109
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    My tragedy was on the baseball field.

    Edison Volquez' pitching gave it up to the Colorado Rockies.
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    It just won't quit.

    I spent most of today just recuperating. Thursday/Friday ended up a 20 hour shift, thanks to people waving guns around and endangering the public and my colleagues and their guns putting a stop to it. The past two weeks have been nothing short of pure insanity in the county! Just two more nights of on-call...

    [edit] Well, just got home. Got called out this Sunday morning at 2:00AM it's now 5:30AM. I reiterate: it just won't quit!
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    Went to a memorial service for one of my best friends brother who had passed last Sat. On the way home we stopped at Macaroni Grill. We watched Zero Dark Thirty after we put the baby to sleep.
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    Sprinklers, simple yard work, recycling, quick shopping. Out to lunch at the only nearby (read: 15 miles away) Dairy Queen with a full Hot Eats menu, to the mall for Hallmark stuff. Home to finish some grading, glued to couch and TV (sports, Pawn Stars marathon).
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    Much of?
    - grading
    - lesson planning
    - breathing

    Some of?
    - recycling
    - reading (this one's been a tough get-through)
    - TV viewing
    - eating

    None of?
    - shopping
    - gassing up
    - taking over the world :TheBrain:
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    The highlight of Saturday was going out to dinner with Mrs. TI7.

    Didn't do much of anything else but decompress. Had an emotional late Friday night working a traffic collision between a big rig and one of our deputies in one of our desert communities. He had to be cut out of his patrol car and air lifted to the hospital. I know the young man and it's difficult to work those kind of cases (I've worked WAY too many in my career). Wasn't motivated to do much else yesterday. Making up for it today, however....
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    10 hours repairing Windows, having replaced the firewall with Comodo caused a worrisome delay to one of the key systems, but since I had recently changed antiviruses to AVG it was a chore tracking down the proper software that had caused the damage and then tracking the system that had been damaged, in the end half a dozen system restores were necessary, the old firewall's full-cleaning tool had to be engaged, and then I had actual WORK to do which caused me to get auto-IP-banned by my host, so it was a pretty full day of annoyances, from breakfast until bedtime was spent on the damned computer.
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    I was finally able to spend a good solid chunk of time editing The Lazy Jedi: Episode III this Saturday (and less so on Sunday), which was nice. Hopefully it will be out within the week, we shall see.
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    Good luck on your creative project JabbaJohn.

    It's really a most amazing unique aspect to those of us in the creative arts.

    I keep fighting for more time to work on my 2nd novel.
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