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    Busy day! Breakfast out on-the-go, while headed to the annual Free Comic Book Day event (which has CLEARLY gotten bigger, maybe too big for that venue :ComicConComesToTheIE?: ), where I waited in line talking, grading, reading, drinking, sunburning, watching. Got some of what I wanted, yet much of what I sought was "not there" somehow. Headed out for recycling and simple shopping, then went back to the FCBD location to see if anything else I was seeking was available (did see a friend there who either edited or co-wrote a book and was signing; no other "stuff" to get), went home to grade some, eat a little, look through photos, then sleep poorly (I thought if you were exhausted, you fell asleep easily ).
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    Another busy one: sprinkler running, recycling, banking, somewhat ineffective shopping, gassing up my car (there was a man who needed to push his apparently-out-of-gas car to the pump, so I and another guy helped him), laundrying, and grading, GRADING, GRADING. Oh, and I graded some more, getting all of it done and recorded (but not yet to the students' online gradebook). Only TV on was seeing the first two periods of the Penguins/Inlanders game 6 clincher. Out for ice cream and gift cards, deliveries. All that in about 18 hours. Zonk.
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    Pretty nice day:

    Vegged a lot because work has been horrific for the past six consecutive weeks. Lots of six-day work weeks. Had a "welcome home" dinner with family and friends for my son who is home for a few weeks before returning for summer school. GREAT news from BigB that I will be able to purchase his newly-published (and autographed) comic! Very much looking forward to that!
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    I got that very comic in the mail yesterday (see the "Comics This Week" thread here).

    I went to the school (had to re-copy part of my final exam due to my own error ) and its study session, where I helped no one. Oh well. Saw the new Great Gatsby movie, and ate far too much popcorn (as lunch). Came home, read some, TV'd some.
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    Went to Fred Meyer in the morning to get groceries and some gas for my lawn mower. Spent most of the day watching the state high school track meet online. Then I ate dinner and watched Doctor Who (the season finale I had on the DVR, followed by episodes 3 & 4 of "The Masque of Mandragora"). Now I have Red Eye on in the background while I figure out what I want to do for the rest of the evening.

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    Today's been a busy one:
    - work out
    - breakfast
    - balance checkbook
    - deal with problem on my other forums
    - contact Steve re comic-con plans
    - patch up tear in driver seat of my car
    - fill up radiator
    - drop off HOA dues at post office
    - visit Verizon store to talk about switching from Sprint (spent 30 minutes in there, accomplished 4th in line, maybe not the best weekend so I walked)
    - Target for supplies and gift bag for my cousin's daughter's college graduation tomorrow
    - surprise return home to empty recycling I left in the trunk of my car by accident, and while here I drop off Target shopping
    - Albertsons on the other side of town for a Morningstar Farms sausage patty product nobody else carries for some reason
    - Trader Joe's for food
    - comic book shop for 2 pull-list floppy covers (comic guy remembers me by name, been a long time since that's happened)
    - Ralphs for different food
    - balance the checkbook again
    - 3 loads of laundry, washed, dried, folded, put away; in the process of the 3rd load drying now.

    Surprisingly productive day, and yet I ended up putting off 3 more chores, although I may do them tonight - probably more like Monday/Tuesday though.
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    Up less early than past Saturdays (thanks, no more school this year ), to water the lawn, do the crossword. Did some paperwork 'round the house, and a load of laundry; read a little. Headed out to the SW Day event at the library, came home happy but tired. Got Chinese as dinner, watched a DVR'd movie. Zonked.
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    I forgot that I did have one more chore I did end up doing, had to chop an onion, half diced and half long, so I could have a salad for dinner and the rest for storage. The protective glasses helped some, but I gotta find my protective goggles, they'd work much better.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I had my gunfighter show.

    Robbed the bank.

    Used my funds to enter a poker tournament vs. Doc Holliday.

    Got caught cheating and called out into a street fight.

    We both got shot dead by the sheriff this time in a plot twist.

    This occurred at high noon.

    Was repeated at 2pm only I was wounded, and thrown in jail this time. My gang busted me out and killed the deputy. But the sheriff had Wyatt Earp in town for a visit and we got slaughtered on the street while we were trying to hit a 2nd bank.

    Then I drove to Palm Desert to visit with my grandpa and hear his WWII stories and talk to him about baseball. He really enjoyed my visit.

    I returned to Temecula where my gunfighters are celebrated. I went to meet my friend Jill at her favorite bar in town. I wore my cowboy outfit all day because me grandfather gets a thrill out of seeing me dressed up.

    I go to the bar and security is actually using a wand metal detector. But they know me as a local celebrity gunfighter. I still wait in line when the guy is asking if the guy ahead of me has any metal in his pockets that will set off his scanner. He takes out his car keys, phone, etc.

    I get up in line and ask him to hold 3 hand guns and my 7" knife while I remove my cell phone and keys so they won't set off his metal detector. Everyone laughs. They definitely know me. He returns my weapons and says, "Never mind. Just go ahead."
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    Put up the summer shade cover on the canopy "walls." Was hot out, so I mainly stayed in. Planned places to see on vacation. Did a load of laundry. Talked with the housesitter for the upcoming vacation. Went to the library to turn in my reading reviews (and a couple finished books) for the summer reading program, then got pizza for dinner. Watched a flat Penguins team get shut out on home ice against the Bruins. Wrote sentences without explicitly stated subjects, technically making most of them fragments.
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