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Shopping for another car, mine requires a lot of work unfortunately and the value in fixing it all doesn't make financial sense.
Hey; great minds think... logically.
Woke up, ran the sprinklers, alas no crossword (cancelled the subscription while on vacation and haven't re-upped yet), had the A/C come on before 8am (meaning it's at 78 in the house). Went to the Toyota dealership where my mom got hers (for some "loyalty" discounts); about 3 hours or so later, drove out with a new Camry in a nice color (goodbye "Elizabeth," my Saturn ION for over 8 years; you were an erstwhile road companion). Uploaded, organized, and resized more vacation photos. Read an actual book. Wanted the coolness (temperature-wise) of a restaurant for dinner, but instead was ensured our food would never get cold there. Bought a carton of OJ from the store on the way home, then watched some DVR programs before heading to night-night.