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Drove down to Milwaukee for a 5k that takes place in/around Miller Park that features the racing sausages. After that I bought some new running kicks, then hung out with a buddy of mine and his oldest son. I tagged along as they did some running around and then we hit up Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. After they went home I did some more running around in Mke then drove home, showered, ate and then worked about 5 hours.
How did you do in the race? I've been kind of dealing with some pains that have limited my running quite a bit the last 3 months. I'm starting to get back into it now, and have done the first two races in a series of summer cross country races on Thursday nights. I did 12:44 for a 2 mile course and 16:06 for a 2.5 mile course. Don't know if they were accurate, but it gives me an idea of where I am. This week will be a 5K and I hope to feel better and run better.