Did a 10K race in the morning. It was pretty low key, at is was for members of the running club only, and only 23 people were in it. Since I had just done a 2 mile cross country race on Thursday, I was just hoping to run relaxed and find a good rhythm and hopefully run 7 minute pace. However, several people went out pretty fast, and I kind of got pulled along with that briefly before letting them go. It was still a bit faster than I had wanted to do. I did pass three of them before a mile, but the next person (the top female finisher) I was unable to gain ground on, and pulled further away from me in the second half of the run. I ended up running a minute slower than 7 minute pace, but the course was probably between 6.3 and 6.4, and my Garmin watch said I was right at 7 minute pace.

Later in the afternoon, my girlfriend came over and we went out to eat at Old Country Buffet. We stopped by my mom's for a short visit, then came home and watched some classic Doctor Who.