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    Cross country meet, napped/ate. Had a headache after I got home so productivity was rather low.

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    Made numerous attempts to log on to SSG throughout the day but was met with an error message that the "server is too busy. Try again later" until I met with success later in the evening.

    Installed under cabinet task lighting in the kitchen, watched OU beat Tulsa, laundry, watered areas in the back yard where I haven't repaired automatic sprinklers yet, watched "Rocky" and "Rocky II" with our niece who came over for dinner (she is a total fan of the series), hung around the bat-phone as I'm on call until Monday morning.
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    Ran into the same ISE-type messages (ah, nostalgia...) on SSG.

    Same beginning-of-Saturday stuff (lawn work, recycling, banking) to begin. Graded, graded, graded. While watching various sports games. Stayed indoors to avoid the 100+ temps.
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    The first eight hours of Saturday were spent working a homicide, then home for four hours of sleep (after a 17-hour day). Then up to go to our annual picnic for the Kern Chapter of the National Weather Association (I'm an unapologetic weather geek) up in our WONDERFUL southern Sierra Mountains. Back home where I got a second wind and couldn't go to sleep until 2AM, so a bunch of mindless TV was in order for a few hours.
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    TeeEye, I wrote about a lot of fictional homicides (for my novel). In this part of the book, they were all accomplished with gunplay. You could call it combat actually (drug related gang fighting) but I guess that's homicide even if both "cides" know the bullets are coming and they're shooting their own back.

    As I've been watching National Geographic channel to learn about the mentality of the participants in these battles, they don't consider it homicide but death in the line of duty to "da hood."

    Anyway, when I wasn't killing fictitious people I attended two baseball games. On Saturday night, I saw my team killed by the LA Dodgers (but we won first on Friday night).

    And that was my weekend.

    Oh, I did read Star Wars forums on many a fan site and was depressed with the loss of enthusiasm for the hobby, notably because the black series rehashes characters we already have.

    Darth Plageuis is going to be the first offering I actually buy.
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    I was in Tycho's neck of the (lack of) woods, drove down to meet up with some family who were visiting San Diego. Went to Cabrillo Nat'l Monument, around Old Town, to Mission Bay. Very nice Italian dinner.
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    Cross country meet, did the 'open' 5k race over an Olde English style course (jumped hale bales, logs and had water crossings), ate a few times, laundry, interwebs. Bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds View Post
    Cross country meet, did the 'open' 5k race over an Olde English style course (jumped hale bales, logs and had water crossings), ate a few times, laundry, interwebs. Bed.
    I did an open race as well after my alma mater's high school invitational. However, it was a rainy day, and the worst of the rain hit during the open race. I've run in a lot of rain, but don't know if I've ever raced in this much rain. Somehow, by race time, the heavy rain has always seemed to pass in time for my races. I have raced in muddy conditions before, though. I was hoping to run under 19:00 on this course for the first time since 2002, but I only managed 19:52 today. So, I look forward to getting in better shape and running well in other upcoming races.

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    Decompressed for the most part Saturday doing almost nothing after an intense two weeks of activity at work. During that time I've worked and officer involved shooting, a protracted shooting case that ended up in two parts of town, and then to top it off, I've worked three of four homicides (one a double) we've had in the county that transpired over the course of only six days. I guess we're trying to emulate our county to the south, Los Angeles. Way too many 10 to 18 hour days as a rule during that time. Uncle Sam is going to LOVE me! I even got bit by a pit bull this week...good thing it was a puppy!

    I watched OU (4-0) beat Notre Dame; then saw the end of the LSU-Georgia game. Went to dinner with Mrs. TI7 as her weeks wasn't much better than mine. Came home, threw in a couple loads of laundry and watched TV. Now time for a little surfing.
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