After a poor night's sleep, awakened for the "standard" activities (sprinklers, crossword, recycling, laundry). At the recycling place, I wondered if they were having issues, as a second person was there, checking EVERY SINGLE BARREL of items (first time I have ever seen the place discount for extra moisture... 10% ), which slowed down the process (and when two of the three people ahead of me had $20+ worth, that's sloooooooow ). Home to finish the need-to grading. Read some, online stuff some. Went to use a coupon at an outlet mall, but ended up getting better deals without it (a watch at about 20% of its original, shoes and laces for about 40% off). Out to dinner to use a gift card (that wasn't accepted last time) at Outback; I am normally just a steak sauce on steak kind of guy, but the parmesan crusted topping was awesome (bonzer?). Home to more reading.