A quick review for a small, fun droid.

The Clone Wars line is nice, because I don't feel obligated to own every single figure that comes out, but each time that I do get something (with only one flop so far), I've enjoyed it.

R3-S6 is no exception.

He's a nice tight little figure with some fun gimmicks that don't interfere with the overall look of the toy.

The only problem that I can point out, is that for my particular R3 figure, there's a lot of glue slopped around the wires on his "feet." So he's not exactly perfect, but close enough to make me happy.


I'd be even more happy if these toys weren't retailing for around $8 right now. Ouch! What I've said before about the higher prices causing me to think twice (or maybe three times) about impulse buys, really applies to this sort of thing. Here's a simple formula that Hasbro can use: $8 = not likely; $7 = maybe; $6 = yes, if it's a good toy; $5 and below = probably, even if it's a lame-ish figure.