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    The King of Kong

    Tried searching for a thread on this movie but didn't come across one....

    Anyone see this flick? Came out about a year and a half ago, and I think it's fantastic. I watch it at least once a month. A nice uplifting story that feels real, not like Hollywood. Great characters throughout as well.

    For those who've watched it....

    I just booked a cottage at the same place where the D-bag Brian Kuh was in this documentary when all the nerds were piled in his cabin with Billy's tape....My brother, friend and I are all going during the International Arcade and Pinball Tournament at the end of May. I already know Walter Day will be there and I'm hoping to meet a lot of these guys. Should be an awesome time, I can't wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack
    A nice uplifting story that feels real, not like Hollywood.
    Yeah, it really captures that "documentary" feel . . . er, wait . . .

    I watched this movie a few months ago and loved it. It was endlessly fascinating. That sounds like a cool trip!
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    Overrated but decent.
    I have no desire to see it again.
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    I think I mentioned this film somewhere under the "what have you watched recently" thread back when I saw it. I loved this documentary, but then again I'm a video game nut. I must of watched it three times straight when I rented it (once as is and two more times for the commentaries, which I rarely ever bother to do). I wish I owned a DVD copy of movie for myself.

    Now if only I can see "Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade", the documentary film on the golden age of arcade games. I think G4 may have shown it, but as I don't have that channel it doesn't help me much. They need to put it out on DVD.
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    Not as good as The Wizard, but still a good movie.

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    Billy got his title back....

    Billy Mitchell
    , the flamboyant, hot sauce-selling gamer the gaming world has loved to rag on since the 2007 movie King of Kong portrayed him as an arrogant, ruthless competitor, has frustrated his detractors once more: Though he was dethroned as the Donkey Kong world record holder earlier this year, he’s officially retaken his crown. And that’s not all: While he was at it, Mitchell also set the world record for Donkey Kong Jr. His scores were 1,062,800 for Donkey Kong, 1,270,900 for Donkey Kong Jr.
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    I've heard about the King of Kong but haven't yet watched it, it sounds like an "interesting" flick.


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