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    Dirty Scout Trooper good, CLEAN K-3PO even better!

    Heres a thought that should delight variation hunters and Star Wars figure purists (like me) alike. Hasbro was goodly enough to answer fan concerns that the Scout Trooper (Imperial Patrol) was, well, just too clean to have been trapesing around the forests of Endor all day and dirtied him up for us.
    Well I want to be the first to voice an impassioned plea to our friends at Hasbro to clean up K-3PO. Sure there is that handy production shot of the Hoth Rebel Base protocol droid with a black and gaping hole in his shell, but of the brief moments this character graced the silver screen, the bulk was in a pristine, undamaged form. PLEASE do something similar with future releases of K-3PO and get rid of that awful "ink-smudge" on the droid's chest! Sure it looks just like ONE picture of the character, but not MOST of them! As it stand K-3PO looks like the victim of an Acme Trick Pen with Disappearing/Reappearing Ink.

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    I must say I'm not all that impressed with the way Hasbro went about slipping a dirty version into the mix. Yes, he does look better dirty. They should have made him that way to start. If they later decide that a dirty version is better, resculpt it! If you compare the 2, dirty and clean, the leg stance is slightly different. Why not take it one step further and put a different arm on him, articulate the neck and wha la. Put him in the next wave.

    Better yet. After all the pleas for a fully articulated version... MAKE ONE!

    I hear what you are saying JediCole. I just think if Hasbro cleans him up, do it right. Why not make him a deluxe figure? Clean version with the scanning grid from Hoth HQ. Now that would be cool!!!
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    A clean TC-14 is much higher on my list than a clean K-3PO. For that matter, every unreleased droid and a few more C-3PO resculpts are higher than another K-3PO.
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    Um, I'm pretty sure that TC-14 is clean, isn't she? A possible solution to the K-3po problem is nail polish remover. I cleaned up one of my Dirty Scouts a bit with it just so he wouldn't look just like the other one and it worked pretty well. (I like to type the phrase "Dirty Scout.")

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    TC-14 in the film is immaculately clean, but the figure has "grease stains" in the joints. Just a minor complaint.
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    Perhaps U-3PO could play double duty as a clean TC-14. That way we could have fodder for a Tantive IV scene and a Trade Federation scene.

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    Thumbs up

    I would prefer R-3PO, the red 3PO, simple use of old body, new color.
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