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    What do you still want?

    While watching the movies a few weeks ago, something struck me - there weren't a ton of characters left that jumped out at me as absolutely needing to be made. Cliegg was a big one, and they can always remake older figures with better sculpting and/or more articulation - but what else do you still want to see out of the line before 2018? Where do you draw the line between "I want that" and "that's unmade, so go make it"?

    For me, off the top of my head, I'd like to see:
    *the rest of the pod racers (Mawhonic was at the top of the list but he seems to be coming this year)
    *the rest of the Jedi from the arena who survive until the clones come (many of whom are coming in those Target packs)
    *Cliegg Lars
    *the rest of Padmé's outfits
    *Palpatine in his duel robes
    *the rest of the cantina patrons
    *the rest of the Jabba's palace denizens (though there aren't many)
    *every astromech droid seen on-screen, as build-a-droids or whatever
    *resculpts of the main characters that don't completely suck (Tatooine Luke at the top of the list)
    *Cloud Car

    Along with many of the new characters seen in The Clone Wars, and the clones from that show as well. What about the rest of you?
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    Oooh I love lists...

    Specific Stuff:
    3-3/4" scale Tie Defender
    All of the Yavin Rebel pilots with their astromechs
    Improved AT-AT
    Improved AT-ST
    A definitive ROTJ Luke
    A C3P0 that can bend his elbows and knees
    A new R2 with the R4 G9 sculpt a no chrome dome.
    A few more Padme's in the more notable outfits. Many of the Ep1 ones need to be redone.

    Some EU pilots (with their astromechs: since I love droids) (Jaina Solo and her R9 would be a great 2-pack)

    A Stealth X (even if it's Titanium scale but I don't want a regular X-wing painted black.)

    General stuff:
    Never to see another nemoidian warming the pegs again.
    An end to Saga legends-since it obviously isn't keeping the price down
    A continuation of the comic packs: there's some good work going on here and it's bringing things I never thought I'd see.

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    I just bought the excellent new Ben Kenobi and passed on Pons Limbic, and I had two scary realizations at once: "This is the last time I will ever buy an Old Ben" and "I don't need a figure of every obscure character, that's insane!". It's a weird feeling after years of compulsive collecting. The big Falcon is great and the there's some good stuff already announced for this year. If they do a definitive Jedi/Tatooine/Bespin Luke, Bespin Han, Qui-Gon and General Lando...I think I'm done! What am I supposed to do with myself now?

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    I lived through a cancellation of the Star Wars line in 1986 and I specifically remember a very short list of figures that the Kenner line felt incomplete without (removable helmet Vader, ROTJ Chewbacca, Stormtrooper who could actually turn his head, etc.).

    So I kind of think of this in those terms. If I had just found out that the line was being cancelled and there would never be another Star Wars figure after Legacy wave 7, then who would the line feel incomplete without?

    For me:

    1. Skiff Guards! - at the very least Kithaba, Vedain and a new SA Weequay. At least fill out the prisoner Skiff with some actual Skiff Guards from the prisoner Skiff.
    2. SA Gamorrean Guard
    3. SA Admiral Ackbar
    4. Grey Leader Y-Wing Pilot
    5. ROTJ Jabba the Hutt (with throne and dais)
    6. Wooof
    7. SA TIE Fighter Pilot

    1. AT-AT - all-new, bigger, better and badder
    2. TIE Fighter - get rid of the remaining inaccuracies on the current toy and release the ultimate TIE Fighter with electronic lights and sounds.
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    brevity being best:

    All remaining Cantina patrons,
    All remaining Jabba's palace courtiers and guards,
    All remaining Residents of Mos Espa/Mos Eisley/Toche station/Anchorhead,
    New landspeeders/swoops
    Jabba's sail barge,
    Modified and larger desert skiff
    Imperial landing craft,
    Dash Rendar's Outrider BMF scale,
    Womp rats, Scurriers, Dwarf Nuna's, Worrts
    Krayt dragon, Schinga skeleton,
    Jerba, Ronto, Eopie
    Sarlacc without the hideous plastic vacuformed surround.
    An end to all the clown wars crap.

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    A TK-523 figure, every house should have one! (self promotion in motion)
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    I can agree with everything else said, but I'd most want:

    a frigging place for Jabba to sit
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    These forums have been starved of new threads, cheers JabbaJohn.

    Theres still tonnes from the OT I'd want. I've given up on the PT and EU. For me any backgrounder Hasbro make is top priority. Firstly because I am a diorama builder and the bulk of characters in most scenes are background AKA non-core characters. They are the diversity of the Star wars universe and I'm grateful to Hasbro for producing them - their ilk would never be considered in any other toyline. Secondly these backgrounders tend to be Hasbro's best work. Contrary to popular opinion I think the new ANH Ben Kenobi is yet another disappointing core character figure. The softgoods and ball-joint neck look to be poor as usual. I'm buying it for the table but that is all. So its the background characters where I have most confidence in Hasbro. That said, I want as many as they're willing to put out, even down to ICMG and basic mos eisley denizens.

    Areas of particular focus that I'd like:

    Cantina - happily Hasbro love this scene and if we're getting Danz Borin we're probably going to get everyone! Bom Vimdin, the saurins and an Evazan resculpt are surely guaranteed - hopefully more tables and the drink dispenser to come. Pity about the too-small curved sections of the bar though - that was a stupid, yet predictable, error on hasbro's part.

    Yavin IV rebel base - technicians, pilots, CMDR Willard, Dodonna's aides, medal-bearers, hangar bay props and set dressings, vehicle energiser etc

    ANH Princess Leia - based on the medical frigate figure but using SG material from ROTS Agen Kolar (won't happen for reasons unknown to me), and with a human neck and jawline.

    Farmboy Luke - Lets try again, SA but with a sculpted outfit - no softgoods.

    tattoine R2-D2 and C-3PO - appropriate paintjobs and restraining bolts

    Tantive IV - large vehicle

    Echo Base - deck officers, tauntaun handlers, pilots, astromechs, control room personel, control room computers&chairs, tactical screens

    Hoth Leia - the non-giraffe variety and absolutely no soft goods.

    Bespin Han - An Entirely New Sculpt! No VOTC! No anorexia, no caveman face, no softgoods jacket

    SA Bespin Escape Leia - ideally just reuse POTJ head

    Lando calrissian - please try again, keep VOTC legs but redo from waist up, use POTJ head.

    Medical frigate Luke - all I'll say is "Can we have a proper one please?"

    AT-AT - large vehicle
    Star Destroyer - large vehicle
    Rebel Transport - large vehicle
    Echo base troop transporter

    Darth Vader - pretty please can we have just one with a 'neutral pose' cape sculpted to modern standards. Do they really all have to have softgoods??

    Skiff guards - require more attention than jabbas palace, nevertheless..

    jabbas palace - we have most of the main aliens but I still want the ishi tibb, the snaggletooth, yoxgit the ugnaught, the alien in the jedi robes, a new gamorrean, the dungeon droids, any skiff guards human or alien...oh and Jabba.

    Rebel briefing - pilots, Ackbar&his calamari aides, fleet officers (madine's outfit), Mon Mothma's aides, hologram operator, nien nunb.

    Emperor Palpatine - it should be simple - look at POTF2 and redo it to modern sculpting standards. Soft goods are an absolute no-no. They just don't work - least not the way Hasbro have been doing them. But at the same time lets not have a repeat of saga or the new monkey head Emp.

    Remaining Imperial Dignitaries - sculpted robes. No softgoods - the others were sculpted so, for consistency sake, these should be sculpted too. Also because softgoods blow.

    ewoks - consistently great figures. Lets have more.

    BMF desert Skiff
    new speeder bike
    Jabba's Sailbarge - Large vehicle

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobafrett View Post
    A TK-523 figure, every house should have one! (self promotion in motion)
    I'll take a dozen!
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    Lots I would buy, but before the line goes, I'd like:

    Kitster, Wald, AOTC Owen, AOTC Beru, Cliegg, Emperor from annoucemet of the Empire, Ranat, Tonnikas, Bom Vimdin, Saurin, Black Bespin Guard, Lumat, Warok, Sim Aloo, Taym Dren-Garen (shot Luke), Sgt. Doallyn, Shasa Tiel (Palace Ishi Tibb), and Palace Klaatu.


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