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    Wedge's Red 2 X-wing

    We all knew it was coming, so here it is! It even comes with an updated Wedge, his astro droid, and the long-lost ladders!!!

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    Damn, I have to buy another X-Wing! Well, at least they're all different (I think). Reds 1, 2 and 5 going in!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkJedi5 View Post
    Damn, I have to buy another X-Wing! Well, at least they're all different (I think). Reds 1, 2 and 5 going in!
    Yup, so far we have those fighters (with quite a few Luke ships, actually). Hopefully this one will have enough weathering . . . the picture is making me nervous, and I don't want it to look crappy compared to the others.

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    Looks good to me. I might buy this. It all depends on the price. I am guessing $39.99.
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    Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on this.

    I must say though that site is quite the rip off. They charging almost $85 American for that thing.
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    Count me in. I love the Powr-FX scale X-Wings and a new Wedge, hopefully new astromech as well as the ladders sells me on the deal. I just hope it's affordable and Hasbro doesn't good for the throat on this one. $39.99 is alright but I would rather see it for $29.99
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    [first thing in the morning grumpiness]Y'know it occurs to me that they've made their money on this mold now. They really should release the X-wing with only weathering deco and a bunch of stickers allowing you to create whichever version you need/want. it's cool they included the ladders with this one but they could have left out the figures and included a bunch of other stuff. And it is way too expensive. there's no way I'd pay that for a re-issue x-wing.[/first thing in the morning grumpiness]

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    Any reissued X-wing can eventually behad for pretty cheap on ebay. Take a look at what the red leader versions are going for, or the FX version.

    And if you don't have the F/X version- shame on you! It really is great.
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    Its a definite buy for me. I want another X-wing for my Yavin base and this certainly fits the bill. This and the scramble on yavin BP are 2 things I'm really looking forward to...if I can get them.

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    It's a great piece, with some great items for diorama use, but at that price I definitely need to get another job.


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