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    Toy Fair! Finally some pictures!!

    Big thanks to DarkJedi5, TheRealDubya, obi-dad, morpheus282, Tycho and Kidhuman for great deals/trades.

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    Hmm, some pretty interesting stuff there. It's nice to see a new A-Wing Pilot, but I think I'm most excited about that TIE Fighter Pilot (since it's not Biggs and doesn't have the cut-away helmet). Torados Gonn, looks about like he did in the movie for the most part (although I don't remember him wearing so much white), I'll buy him because it looks like he'll be the only Klatooinian we get this year.

    Nothing else too terribly exciting there (at not considering that we've seen most of it before).

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    Some very interesting stuff in there, though I'm completely baffled on what



    HK-47 looks very good for a Build-a-Droid, I wonder what wave they moved him too.

    Two headed lumiya is a nice bonus
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    Oh yeah, Owen and Beru Lars look really good for the most part (even though I know we're going to hear complaints about the soft-goods on them). It's also nice to see some more attention paid to EP1, I especially like that guy in the red suit of armor (Rum Sleg?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umbra View Post
    Some very interesting stuff in there, though I'm completely baffled on what


    The first one is Torados Gon, the Klatooinian Jedi seen in the Geonosis Arena Battle. The second one is Rum Sleg, I think. He was seen walking around in Mos Espa in Ep1 (I think he walked right past one of Darth Maul's probe droids).

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    Some cool stuff there. Looks like we're getting the purple Return to Naboo Queen Amidala. That made both versions of our top 50 list. I see Rum Sleg in there as well. That appears to be the AOTC versions of Owen and Beru, but his face doesn't quite look right. Too much of a beard. The TPM and AOTC Obi-Wans we've been waiting for look to be pretty good as well.

    I was never too exicted about the Turbo Tank, as it seemed pretty boring, but they've made it look pretty cool. It will be a nice place to display a lot of clones.

    I also see HK-47 pictured there. Is that a pod racer next to him? Looks like Ark Roose Ratts Tyerell. I'm also not sure who the woman in the black and red armor is.

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    Just saw on Galactic Hunter that the next WM Droid Factory sets were revealed. And I am super excited about this round.

    "Droid Factory - 5 sets combine to build Phase 2 Dark Trooper

    Anakin Skywalker with Cortosis Battle Droid
    Grievouse with CB-3D
    Darth Maul with I5-YQ
    Boba Fett with BL-17
    Corran Horn with Whistler Droid"

    Corran and Whistler!! Holy ****!!

    Just the other day, I was thinking to myself that Hasbro would probably never make I5-YQ.. and there he is! Hooray!

    And BAD Phase 2 DT... wow!

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    The Legacy stuff looks great! Highlights for me...Owen & Beru, Typho, RTN Amidala, the EpI & EpII Kenobis (I wish they had just gone ahead and released the Evo pack these were slated for), the Gungan Warrior, and I really like that gun turrent bubble set...I wonder if will be able to attach to the gunships?

    Lots of cool stuff....more cloth integration than usual and more neat background characters...nice job, Hasbro!

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    It's nice to see what's coming out but there is little I'm interested in so far. I'm really only intersted in droids and aliens from the original trilogy so not much to get me excited. But that's ok, not every wave appeals to everyone. No need to be selfish. I've already been thrilled by the cantina aliens and treadwell droid this year so I'm content for a while. The sneak peaks I've seen of the ROTJ wave for late this year will keep me going. The build-a-droids from these waves look cool but I'm not going to spend money on a bunch of figures I won't use just for them. I'll just wait a while after they come out and get the droids off Ebay.

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