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    The Cars sets are only Duplo, however.

    The Toy Story sets sound intriguing as does this Disney/Lego partnership.

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    Lego does great pre-schooler stuff though. That Duplo zoo stuff is really quite cool.

    I wish they did a minifig scale city zoo.

    the duplo dino theme is pretty rad....

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    The Duplos stuff doesn't do too much for me. But I'd love to see what they can with Prince of Persia. I loved the original Prince of Persia games when I was younger.
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    I was completely unaware of the prince of persia not being a gamer. just went to the official site though and the flash intro is quite honestly one of the most gorgeous things i've ever seen on the net. Didn't make me want to try the game but lovely all the same.

    I'm assuming that there will be new monster minifigs for the theme. monsters are good. and environment sets featuring minarets and lots of arches. I'm imagining something along the lines of the scorpion palace from the adventurers theme with knobs on.
    it's piqued my interest.

    Toy story could be fun. though I think I'll hold my breath til I see stuff.


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