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    Well I don't know who's idea it is...I've seen the idea about the Deluxe Luke Skywalker on another thread before Feb 21, 2002. Sorry Rollo!'re both forgetting one important item...THE MAGNO-CUFFS that Luke is wearing when he surrenders to Darth Vader on Endor. I would love to have a Endor Capture Luke Skywalker! He would come with the Magno-Cuffs and Lightsaber hilt and lightsaber with removable blade etc... This is what I would like to see from hasbro! The thought of getting all of those extras (soft goods etc...) in a 3 3/4" figure is highly unlikely. More likely for a 12" fig! But if Hasbro makes it in a 3 3/4" can be sure I'll be getting one!
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    Well, I posted the deluxe Luke idea back on the old forums, so I don't know who came up with it first either. But I am willing to share credit with Rollo. And good idea there Darkross on the cuffs. Now it truely is the ultimate Luke: Jedi Knight.

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    I guess it wasn't so much JJB as it was Sithdroid saying the boomer damage idea was cool.

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    I think JJB came up with the three hands idea. (My idea only had gloved and flesh)

    I came up with the Endor Luke and Jedi Luke in one figure because the one that came with the speederbike annoyed me to no end with his HUGE lightsaber handle. That and vintage had done it with no problem , so why not POTF2?

    The removeable blade/ hilt on the belt thing are recent Hasbro accomplishments added to the original plan.

    The bone is just silly IMO so JJB can have credit for that. (notice I left it out?) I was going to say the gun, but left it out as I didn't feel like typing an extra sentence or two explaining what gun I was referring to.

    So it's kind of like a bill proposal on Capitol hill: The Binks-Tomassi - Ross Ultra Edition ROJ Luke proposal.

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    Hopefully, Hasbro will pay attention to this, I want a good Luke Jedi Knight!
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    now now no need to fight - of couse I was the first who mentioned it
    ok now serious, I guess everybody had an idea about a perfect luke- maybe someone forgot this, another one that
    I don't care as long as we get one it's fine

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    An updated Jedi Luke is long overdue. He could have a removable brown cloak, lightsaber w/ removable blade. The hilt would be able to stick onto his belt. Yes, yes we need a new one.
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    It's all been said before

    Puh-lease!!! give us a new Jedi Luke, the one I have looks so amazingly bad compared to all of the recent ones.

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