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    I've held them in my hands. Very nice!

    A friend of mine paid the ridiculous Ebay prices for the 4 prieview figures and the 1st assortment of the regular ep. II figs. Just thought I'd let all of you know that I think they are great! They are much better in person then looking at a picture on the internet. The preposed thing is easy to get used to in my opinion. At 1st I was a bit unsure but after seeing them in scale and in person I am very satisfied.

    I am new here and I will continue a campaign to assure that a new Luke Skywalker in jedi knight fatigues (Jabbas dungeon style with brown cloak)is made. Just a heads up.

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    I'm sure they are fine... to a degree...

    I really CAN'T get used to the over pre-posed thing only because I am not a "scene specific" type of person. I don't build dioramas and I don't like to just leave things be in their cards. I really DON'T want a Mace Windu with that expression on his face. I really DON'T want Padme firing her blaster in that fashion. So... not to say you aren't right, but I fear our tastes in the purpose of figures differs greatly and I still don't like what they've done to the line.

    See, Binks? I CAN play nicely with the other denizens of Coruscant!

    p.s.- welcome to the forums, Rherk!
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    No, I understand completely. I'm one of those collectors that actually takes all my toys out of the package and enjoys them and I grew up with the classic style and will still admit to prefering it but I'm just saying that they are much more acceptable then I originally thought.

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    JEDIPartnr, everybody is hunky dory with the new figures because there's a certain standard that has been lowered.

    Their expectations.

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    *snicker, chortle, giggle guffaw *

    I'm sayin' nuffin les'n I get my head blowed off by a flop eared frog.

    [FONT=century gothic]wonder if you could hollow a few of these things out to hold salt....... [/FONT]
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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    JEDIPartnr, everybody is hunky dory with the new figures because there's a certain standard that has been lowered.

    Their expectations.
    Everything ain't "hunky dory", it's just well, a few of them have turned out better than thought at first. Alot of it still sucks majorly, but the thing is the gimmicks and such are for the kids which will probably be dropped later... Well we can only hope anyways.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
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    I'm just gonna add my 2cents...
    Padme is terrible and way below par to previous lines...

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    Jango is the most extreme pose. But it's cool and not as outrageous as Padme. Since Jango is going to have at least two other sculpts due out on 4/23 this preview figure doesn't worry me too much. I just wish they would hit the store before the middle of March. If it's a preview why wait so long to release them.
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    They had to get them all made and shipped from Asia... I guess that could take a little while.
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