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    Today's supposed to be the last upper-80s day for a while, before a steady increase next week from low-90s to mid-90s (hopefully not upper-90s, especially since the school kids are coming back ).
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    After having a beautiful 4 days in Saugatuck, Michigan with the weather in the low 80's, and sunny, I come back to rain, humidity, and temperatures in the mid to upper 90's. BLAH!
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    We start the days in San Diego with a cool overcast, and then it warms up into the 80's, but the low 80's with blue skies and comfortability.

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    It's been dreadfully hot and humid since Friday. Really too hot to do anything outdoors.
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    Awesomely hot here FINALLY, it's clothing optional weather
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    Do you mean men and women there might air their differences?
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    Mid to upper 70s, with nice beautiful warm upper 60s nights.

    It's been so bright lately, I finally bought a pair of sunglasses.
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    Rocking the mid/upper 90s since May!
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