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    mid 60's sunny and calm today. yesterday cold, gray and a chilly mist in the air.

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    The weather hasn't changed much in San Diego.

    It went from being sunny and warm, to being a little overcast in the mornings before it reverted to being sunny and warm.

    I predict that tomorrow it will be sunny and warm. To arrive at that conclusion took a lot of hard work!

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    hanging out at the circle K
    sunny and warm out - should be in high 60s today.

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    Total overcast and clouds. A weak little cold front courtesy of Sarah Palin passing over us at the moment. No rain expected and 52ºF at the present time.
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    It's finally colder and overcast here with on-and-off chances for a light rain.

    I'm still going down to the bay to see the grey whale that's been hanging out in our harbor - but it will be a little chilly.

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    Cloudy and cool, low to mid 60s.
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    We got into the 60's today in Ohio. At first we couldn't figure out why our bedroom was so warm until we went outside and found it to be warm there with sun blazing. Spring is fast approaching!
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    We sold a lot of bikes today as temps reached the 60's.
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    The sun came out this afternoon but the wind was still chilly. The weather made it look nicer than it actually was (to be outdoors).


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